The New Trailer For Josh Trank And Tom Hardy’s Al Capone Movie Is Here

The very first trailer for Josh Trank’s Al Capone movie is here and it features Tom Hardy as the gangster in what looks to be an epic film.

Al Capone is a movie I’ve been very interesting in seeing for some time now.

Ever since I heard that Josh Trank would be making another movie, I’ve been intrigued.

There were many people who thought he might not work again in Hollywood after the whole Fantastic Four fiasco.

Not only is the director working again, he’s making a movie about Al Capone with one of the best actors in the business, Tom Hardy.

Hardy will be playing Al Capone in the movie and the trailer’s here and he looks unrecognisable as the American gangster.

The first trailer for Josh Trank’s Al Capone movie looks very good

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Josh Trank shared the film’s trailer via his Twitter account and he accompanied it with the following caption:

TRAILER. Tom Hardy. Capone. Coming MAY 12. (Different title. My cut. 🤩)

I’m going to be honest here, I’m not really sure what Trank means when he says, “my cut:.

He could be referring to what happened with Fantastic Four and Fox.

He claimed on Twitter that the movie that came out wasn’t the movie he wanted to make.

This only has me even more interested in seeing this film, which is supposed to be released on May 12th.

However, given the current Coronavirus pandemic, it’ll either be delayed or released on-demand.

What do you make of this Al Capone trailer?

Do you like the look of Josh Trank and Tom Hardy’s Al Capone movie?

Let us know in the comments below.

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