Joker’s Success Has Stunned Warner Bros Executives

Joker has made an awful lot of money at the box office. A surprising amount, and it seems as though executives at Warner Bros. Pictures are stunned by how well the movie has done.

It’s no wonder they’re so surprised because they didn’t want the film to be made in the first place. One of the reasons why they gave Todd Phillips such a small budget (between $50 and $70 million) was because they wanted him to say he could do it for that.

However, the director took the money and made Joker with it, which has been getting rave reviews, Oscar buzz, and yes, a load of money.

Joker is now the most profitable R-rated movie of all time, overtaking Deadpool in the process. It managed to pass the $800 million mark last week, and that’s without it having been released in China, which just makes it even more impressive.

It’s now been reported that Warner Bros. chairman Toby Emmerich revealed his own surprise at Joker being such a huge success during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Warner Bros. Chairman can’t believe his luck with Joker

Joaquin Phoenix is the favourite to win the oscar for joker

Joaquin Phoenix is the favourite to win the oscar for joker – Credit: Warner Bros.

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Emmerich said that he was very proud of the film and everyone at Warner Bros. and DC Films would make this film a reality and for reaching what he described as an “extraordinary benchmark”.

During the interview, he admitted that they had no idea how the film would do, but he did say that “making an R-rated supervillain origin story was a cool idea” but the studio wasn’t prepared for the bucket load of cash it would go on to make.

Joker won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival and looks set to have a pretty good Awards season in 2020, so Warner Bros. Pictures has even more to look forward to.

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