Joker 2 Set Photos Tease Harvey Two-Face


Joker 2 (Joker: Folie à Deux) set pictures to reveal that Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face, will be part of Todd Phillips’ DC Elseworlds Joker universe. Two-Face has been played on film several times.

It’s been one of Batman’s villains who has had a lot of screen time close to the Joker. Tim Burton’s Batman had Billy Dee Williams, Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever (1995) had Tommy Lee Jones, and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight had Aaron Eckhart.

On TV, the character was played by Nicholas D’Agosto in the Gotham series. And more recently, Dent will be portrayed by Misha Collins in the new CW series Gotham Knights.

Moreso, there are reports that the character might even appear in Matt Reeves’ The Batman Part Two. Evidently, he’s an essential character in Batman’s history. Dent started out as Bruce Wayne’s best friend, a reliable ally for Batman, and a district attorney for Gotham City.

To learn that Joker: Folie à Deux will have their own version of Dent would be interesting and something I’d really like to see.

Pictures reveal that Harvey Dent is in Joker: Folie à Deux

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Recently, set images from Joker 2 revealed not only Joaquin Phoenix returning as Joker, but it also revealed Lady Gaga’s version of Harley Quinn. Also, some of the photos leaked by The Hollywood Handle show that Harvey Dent would be part of the film.

The images include large crowds in a rally. A few of them have signs saying “Joker 4 President,” “Free Joker,” “Joker for Mayor,” “Resist,” “Arthur Fleck Killed on the Murray Show” and several others. While we don’t see him in the crowd of rallygoers, one of the signs says, “Harvey Dent is the Clown.”

Another image from The Hobbyman shows extras waiting, and one at the centre holds a sign saying, “Dent is a clown.”

It would be interesting to see how Todd Phillips’ Joker would actually present Harvey Dent. Considering that the Joker is more grounded than Matt Reeves’ The Batman, we wonder if any other Batman villain will turn out the same way as in the comics.

Will Joker be the reason why Dent turns into Two-Face… again? In Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, Joker who was played by the late Heath Ledger, caused Dent to become Two-Face.

How much will we see Harvey Dent? Who will take his role?


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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In the comics, while Harvey Dent was in court prosecuting Sal Maroni, acid was thrown to his face, which permanently disfigured him. This made him insane and turned into a life of crime. In Nolan’s The Dark Knight (2008), Maroni was played by Eric Roberts. And on TV, in the Gotham series, he was played by David Zayas.

We’re not sure if Maroni will be in Joker 2, but it does seem that there is a high chance that Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker would be prosecuted by Dent. This is why people are against Dent in the rally images. Will the acid scene be part of the film? I’m curious to see if it will be.

At the moment, we don’t know who will be playing Harvey Dent in Todd Phillips’ Joker 2. No announcements have been made yet in terms of who will be portraying the character. Brendan Gleeson, Harry Lawtey and Jacob Lofland have been confirmed to be part of the film, but their roles are undisclosed.

Knowing that Harvey Dent will be in the film does raise a lot of questions. How long has it been since the first film? How many years have passed? Is Bruce Wayne still a child? Does Bruce even know Harvey Dent? Will the film even feature Bruce at this point?

The film is expected to focus more on the walls of Arkham Asylum. So, Dent might not be taking up much screen time, but it does establish that Phillip’s Joker does have more characters to show from the world of Batman.

The film is set to release in October 2024.

What do you think of Harvey Dent showing up in Joker 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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