Johnny Depp’s Libel Case In Jeopardy After New Damning Texts Revealed

It’s starting to look like there might be issues ahead for Johnny Depp in his libel case against The Sun as some new damning texts have been revealed.

Johnny Depp has been trying to sue The Sun for libel since 2015 and it now looks like his case might be in trouble.

There has been a new development in the case which might get some Johnny Depp fans a bit worried.

It’s been revealed that there were some rather damning texts sent by Johnny Depp whilst he was still married to Amber Heard.

These texts, which were sent back in March 2015, revealed that the Fantastic Beasts and Pirates of the Caribbean star was asking his assistant Nathan Holmes to obtain drugs for him whilst he and his ex-wife Amber Heard were in Australia.

That was the time when they had to issue an apology video to the Australian people after they brought their dogs over.

The video was pretty amusing, so you should check it out.

Anyway, Heard has claimed that during this time spent in Australia she endured a “three-day ordeal of physical assaults” while her ex-husband was intoxicated.

Johnny Depp’s texts aren’t going to help his libel case against The Sun


Amber Heard might still get to play Mera in Aquaman 2 – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Depp has claimed that this never happened and he’s been engaged in a libel case against The Sun ever since who ran the story.

The Judge presiding over the libel case, Mr Justice Nichol, explained that Depp’s legal team should have disclosed the texts before they leaked.

“The Australian drug texts were adverse to the claimant’s pleaded case and/or were supportive of the defendants’ pleaded case. I agree that the timing is significant. The exchanges with Mr Holmes began shortly before the alleged incidents in Australia,” Justice Nichol explained (via Heroic Hollywood).

Mr Justice Nichol did offer Johnny Depp’s legal team the chance to fix the situation by applying for something called “relief against sanctions” before the three-week trial begins on July 7th at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

However, Depp’s lawyer was quick to point out that his client had been very honest about his drug abuse in the past and also explained that these 2015 texts do not prove he purchased any drugs in Australia.

This is the second defamation lawsuit Depp is currently involved him, the other being against his ex-wife Heard.

There has been a recent development in that case as a new witness has claimed that Amber Heard “got bruises” whilst Depp was away.

This seems to indicate that Heard might have faked her injuries.

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