Johnny Depp Was Reportedly Behind The Petition To Have Amber Heard Fired From Aquaman 2

It’s been revealed that Johnny Depp was actually the person behind one of the online petitions to get Amber Heard fired from Aquaman 2.

This whole Depp vs. Heard saga just keeps on getting more and more insane and the two of them battle it out in court.

Depp is currently suing The Sun newspaper in the UK for libel after one of their writers, Dan Wootton, labelled the actor a ‘wife-beater’ in an article.

So, this has meant that Depp and Heard have been in court in the UK and they’ve been going over their versions of events whilst they were married.

One of the things that came out of these court hearing was that Johnny Depp actually started one of the online petitions to have Amber Heard fired from the DC Comics movie, Aquaman 2.

Johnny Depp was behind one of the petitions to have Amber Heard fired from Aquaman 2

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Should Amber Heard be sacked from Aquaman 2? – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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According to a report by The Sun (via, Johnny Depp texted his assistant back in June 2016 asking him to start the online petition to get Heard fired from the Warner Bros. Pictures movie.

This is what Depp texted his assistant after he and Heard broke up:

I want her (Amber Heard) replaced on that WB [Warner Brothers] film.

According to these reports, Depp allegedly “orchestrated| one of the online petitions for Amber to be removed from Aquaman 2.

This petition in question now has over 400,000 signatures.

This was when The Sun’s lawyer then questioned Depp, asking him: “You wanted to get your own back on her.”

Depp replied, saying:

I was feeling quite bitter. I said I wanted her replaced on the Aquaman sequel. I had been characterised globally, as The Sun put it, as a ‘wife-beater’. I went from Cinderella to Quasimodo in 0.6 seconds and I was without a voice at that point.

What do you make of this news?

Are you as shocked as I was to hear that Johnny Depp was actually behind one of the petitions to get Amber Heard fired from Aquaman 2?

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  1. Nem

    Ah small screen you just reported a BS article from Koimoi. Aren’t you at least gonna apologize?
    This kind of crap is what got the Sun in a court case. Have some respect.

    Just cause he would like to see her fired from Aquaman, like he was from Pirates cause of her, doesn’t mean he started anything. Shame on you!

  2. Righteous Fish

    You are a idiot reporter who cobbled together ten different sources and made up a story. He texted his sister that he wanted her replaced for one thing, not his assistant. None of them started the petition. He was frustrated and texted that to his sister because he lost POTC due to her false allegations. She alleged in court that he orchestrated the entire thing in a ridiculous counterclaim that offered no evidence. She pointed out a number of “bot” accounts in her complaint, most of which have been confirmed to be real genuine accounts.

    You should consider finding a new career because journalism does not suit you. You are an uninformed imbecile with no respect for the truth!

    • Edward Lauder

      Thanks for the comment. As far as the article’s concerned it was based on an article published in The Sun, and everything in this article comes from what was reported at the time. Calling me an “idiot reporter” and an “imbecile” is just rude and there’s absolutely no reason to be. I have no idea where you got your information from regarding it being his sister he texted… I’ve looked around online and I can’t find any evidence of your claims being true. This is my site that I built myself with no help from anyone else, but yeah, call me an idiot reporter… I’ve approved your comment because I don’t like silencing people, but I really, really think you need to take a long hard look at yourself before you start insulting other people. Have a nice day…

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