Deadpool 3 Is Now In Development And Will Come Out In 2022

It’s been a case of ‘All Quiet On The Deadpool 3 Front’ for quite some time now, although we have been getting some little bits of information about the Merc With A Mouth’s upcoming movie here and there.

Deadpool’s writers, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, have been opening up a bit about the upcoming movie, and seemed to be hinting that Disney did want to make it happen.

They even suggested that Deadpool (Ryan Reynold’s version of the character) could end up becoming part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the very near future, which I think would be a great thing to see.

It looks like Ryan Reynolds going to be joining the MCU!

Deadpool 2 pool party

Deadpool is going to have a Dead-pool party in the MCU – Credit: Marvel

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I even theorised that Deadpool’s arrival in the MCU could have something to do with the multiverse, which we believe will be properly introduced in the next Doctor Strange movie, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness.

Now, there are rumours that Disney and Marvel Studios have already greenlit Deadpool 3, and that it’ll be hitting cinemas in 2022.

This rumour comes courtesy of We Got This Covered, who have a pretty decent hit rate with these tips.

Deadpool 3 coming out in 2022 does make sense. It would allow the writers and Reynolds enough time to make a genuinely good movie, which will nicely round off the trilogy.

It would be interesting to see where they would go from there – whether they would carry on with Reynolds’ version of the character or do something different with him.

Deadpool 3 could be part of an R-rated series of Marvel movie

Deadpool vs. Wolverine. Now that's a film I would watch!

Could Deadpool and Wolverine meet in the MCU? – Credit: Marvel Comics

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It would be fun to have his carry on as Deadpool and just make meta jokes about Disney and Marvel in his movies.

He could also occupy an R-rated area of the MCU, which I do believe is needed to ensure the continued longevity of the franchise.

What do you think the future holds for Deadpool and are you looking forward to seeing Deadpool 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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