Did Netflix’s Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich Docuseries Reveal Ghislaine Maxwell Was The Real Mastermind?

People are now claiming that Jeffrey Epstein was to blame for everything, but did the Netflix docuseries reveal Ghislaine Maxwell was the real mastermind.

Now, please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here.

Epstein was a horrible man, yet the Netflix docuseries and the media have portrayed him as this evil mastermind.

They’ve been insinuating that he has dirt on all these politicians and actors.

That might be the case, however, there’s a moment in the Netflix docuseries which got me thinking.

This moment was when they showed Maria Farmer’s painting she did about her experience with Epstein and her time on his private island.

The docuseries brushes over a lot of the stuff about Ghislaine Maxwell (Epstein’s ‘partner’) and Les Wexner.

There’s so much more to be found out about these two people.

Does this painting prove that Ghislaine Maxwell was behind everything?

This is Maria Farmer's painting which seems to point as Ghislaine Maxwell being the mastermind behind everything

This is Maria Farmer’s painting which seems to point as Ghislaine Maxwell being the mastermind behind everything – Credit: Netflix

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Maxwell’s vanished off the face of the Earth ever since Epstein’s death.

As for Wexner, he’s kind of the international man of mystery.

He’s a multimillionaire who owns a company called L Brands and they own the likes of Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works.

L Brands alone is valued at over $12 billion, and Wexner has claimed on multiple occasions that he was a victim of Epstein’s.

Epstein was Wexner’s finance accounts manager and he and Wexner had a very close working relationship.

Wexner even gave Epstein the Herbert N. Straus House in New York which is valued at $77 million.

Who just gives someone a house worth that much?

Wexner later claimed he was duped by Epstein, yet then there’s Farmer’s painting which was revealed at the end of the Netflix docuseries.

Considering the whole thing was mostly about Epstein and what he did to underage girls, he’s not at the centre of this painting.

Farmer was one of Epstein’s many victims, yet she painted the financier to the side and in a UFO.

Was Jeffrey Epstein the evil mastermind he’s been portrayed to be?


Jeffrey Epstein with his ‘partner’ Ghislaine Maxwell – Credit: Netflix

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In the very middle of this painting, we see Ghislaine Maxwell who’s got the body of a lizard.

She’s encased in a bubble, which could be a reference to her being protected by the FBI.

Underneath Maxwell, we have Wexner, whose head seems to be on top of a peacock’s body.

Honestly, I think this painting is the most eye-opening thing in the whole docuseries.

I think Farmer is trying to tell us what really went on in this case, and it seems like Epstein wasn’t as big a player in all of this as the docuseries made him out to be.

Here’s what Farmer said about the painting in the docuseries:

I felt like I wanted to expose the monsters and I just needed to get that out. So, this [the painting] is an illustration. Basically, it’s my diagram for the FBI, because I want them to see what I told them all those years ago. And it’s a version of Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights, which is basically like just Dante’s Inferno portraying Heaven, Hell and Earth.

Was Maxwell an information for the FBI?

Maria Farmer is an artist and one of Jeffrey Epstein's many victims

Maria Farmer is an artist and one of Jeffrey Epstein’s many victims – Credit: Netflix

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She then went on to explain her painting in more detail, saying:

This is our lovely Ghislaine Maxwell. She’s a pill. She’s a hard pill the swallow. And, she’s the property of the FBI in this drawing. I put Epstein up here with his little UFO on the NASA tower, because Epstein was given a free ride by our government. And yeah, that makes me angry.

I am almost positive there’s so much more to this painting of Farmer’s than is revealed in the Netflix docuseries.

There could have been things Farmer said during the interview that Netflix might not have wanted to put in their series.

She might have made allegations against the likes of Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Jeff Bezos.

They all seem to be in this painting.

I also think Wexner’s position in this painting is very subjective.

He’s right above Hell and it’s almost as if Hell has to go through him to get into Earth.

Bezos is in Hell, and it looks like he’s attached to Wexner’s penis.

Did Netflix cut a whole load of stuff out of their Jeffrey Epstein docuseries?


Jeffrey Epstein in the Netflix docuseries, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich – Credit: Netflix

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There are a whole load of other people in this painting whom I do not recognise.

But, I think there’s a whole lot more said in Farmer’s painting than what’s disclosed in Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich.

What do you make of this news?

Do you think that Ghislaine Maxwell was pretty much the mastermind behind everything?

Now, this shouldn’t take anything away from Jeffrey Epstein’s horrendous acts.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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