James Mangold Teases A 1960s Setting For Indiana Jones 5

The director of the upcoming Indiana Jones 5 movie, James Mangold, has teased that the movie could be set in the 1960s. He revealed this little tease via his Twitter account and people are going mad about it.

It was revealed by Lucasfilm President, Kathleen Kennedy at the Disney Investor’s Day presentation that James Mangold would be directing Indy 5. This was something that had been reported on before, however, Kennedy gave us official confirmation that Mangold was making the film.

This means that this upcoming Indy movie is going to be the first one not to be directing by Steven Spielberg. And, we’re now hearing that the Indiana Jones 5 movie is going to be set in the 1960s.

Indiana Jones 5 could be set in the 1960s

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Here’s what James Mangold wrote on Twitter and is the reason why people are thinking that the next Indy film  could be set in the 1960s:

The Velvet Underground are fucking great. That’s it. That’s my tweet. (Note — I’m mentally living in 60’s NYC right now cause that’s where all the movies I’m working on take place.)

Now, Mangold could just be saying that he loves The Velvet Underground in this tweet. However, the bit where he says that he’s living in 1960s New York right now, which is where all the movies he’s working on are taking place. One of the movies he’s working on right now is Indiana Jones 5.

What do you make of this rumour? Do you like the idea of seeing an Indiana Jones 5 movie set in the 1960s. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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