James Gunn Opens Up On Zack Snyder’s Possible Return To DC


In a recent turn of events, James Gunn, the visionary director behind the Guardians of the Galaxy series, has opened up about Zack Snyder’s potential return to DC Studios. The DC universe, known for its rich tapestry of superheroes and intricate storylines, has been the subject of much speculation, especially concerning the future of the SnyderVerse.

James Gunn’s insights come at a time when fans are eagerly awaiting news on Zack Snyder’s involvement with DC. With the success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the clamour for the director’s return has been louder than ever.

The SnyderCon Revelation


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A Hopeful Message from Snyder

At the recent SnyderCon, Zack Snyder left fans in a frenzy when he wrote a hopeful message on a Darkseid poster. This wasn’t just a casual scribble; the entire incident was captured on video, dispelling any rumours that the event was Snyder’s farewell to DC. On the contrary, it hinted at a new beginning. Snyder even expressed his support for the #SellZSJLToNetflix movement, suggesting a possible licensing of the SnyderVerse to a third party.

James Gunn’s Perspective on the SnyderVerse


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Gunn’s Focus on His Franchise

While Zack Snyder has been vocal about his vision for the DC universe, Gunn, co-CEO of DC Studios, has been concentrating on his franchise reboot. However, this hasn’t stopped him from acknowledging the immense efforts Snyder has put into the DC mythology.

Earlier this year, Gunn addressed a tweet from a user who shared the trending “Sell the SnyderVerse to Netflix” hashtag (via The Direct). He clarified not only that the streaming platform hasn’t indicated any desire for such a purchase, but also mentioned that Snyder “hasn’t expressed any interest” in it:

It’s quite the peculiar hashtag because 1) Netflix hasn’t shown any inclination towards this (though we’ve touched upon other topics) & 2) Zack hasn’t shown any inclination either and appears content with his current projects (yes, we’ve had our discussions too).

Gunn further shared that Snyder “reached out to [him] to convey his backing” for the DCU reboot direction. He also highlighted that the director seemed “really happy” with his ongoing efforts in shaping the Rebel Moon universe on Netflix:

He reached out to show his endorsement for the decisions I’ve made. He’s truly a stand-up individual. Once more, he appears genuinely content with the expansive universe creation he’s currently involved in.

The #SellZSJLToNetflix Movement


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Snyder’s Support and the Fanbase

The #SellZSJLToNetflix campaign, initiated by YouTube personality Skiiwalker Tha Jedi, has gained significant traction, with over a million tweets and counting. During the SnyderCon, when Skii asked Snyder to autograph a poster of Ray Porter’s Darkseid and add the hashtag, Snyder responded with a grin and a message that read: “#SnyderVerse sell it!” (via Geekosity). This gesture further solidified Snyder’s support for the movement and his desire to see his vision for the DC universe come to fruition.

The Future of the SnyderVerse


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Speculations and Hopes

There’s been ample speculation about Snyder’s intentions to complete his Justice League story. Contrary to some beliefs, it seems Snyder is keen on finishing what he started in 2013. His recent actions and statements at the SnyderCon have provided his followers with renewed hope and anticipation for what lies ahead in the DC universe.

Final Thoughts on Zack Snyder possibly returning to DC


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The DC universe is at a pivotal juncture, with both fans and filmmakers eagerly awaiting its next phase. James Gunn’s recent comments on Zack Snyder’s potential return have added fuel to the fire of speculation. With the success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League and the growing support for the SnyderVerse, it’s clear that the DC universe has a lot in store for its fans.

As the lines between different superhero universes blur and collaborations become more frequent, one thing is certain: the world of DC is set for some exciting times ahead, with James Gunn and Zack Snyder at the helm of its future endeavours.

What do you make of this news? Would you like to see Zack Snyder return to DC and possibly get to complete his SnyderVerse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

You can stream Zack Snyder’s Justice League on Max right now.

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  1. Abdallah Khaled

    why anyone workin as CEO of a company would turn his back on the number one Reason we still have hope on these movies !
    no superhero movie will win anything in the couple of years from now, but zack have a major fan base that will flip marvel on their face !!
    what warner bros doin it doesn’t make any sense

  2. Drexel

    All this drama can be sorted out if zack comes back and finish his story
    Most fans don’t care if they make his universe as else where universe or make him finish his vision then reboot

    So lets get our guy back home

  3. Anonymous

    Ugh his movies are trash. Non of zacks movies that he made and directed never made a billion in the box office, and the merch barely made any profit.

  4. Blair Maxwell

    Zach bought the best live action version of any super hero genre to the screen. It wasn’t just a comic his films were works of art, visionary, bringing deep screen writing ideas, wardrobe and special effects. When you take his journey you become emotionally involved and reflective. I don’t want more canned laughter James Gunn type adaptions, please leave that for Marvel. Just look at the quality of story telling between man of steel and peacemaker. Oh my, I want a grown up DC universe made by Zach and I want the journey to continue as we have never had a live action super man or justice league with super villains such as Darkseid.

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