James Gunn Teases First DC Studios TV Show

James Gunn is starting to ease fans in on the new DC Studios slate with a post saying there is a new series for the small screen. Based on The Direct’s report, it seems that updates and new announcements are coming very soon from Gunn and his co-CEO Peter Safran.

And some fans can no longer wait to hear, read or see what is in store for the studio that Warner Bros Discovery just newly minted two months ago. Has it just been that long?

Two months in their office and so much has happened. Or, more accurately, so much has not happened for the only studio that has the potential to really rival Disney’s Marvel Studios character-to-character.

For years, it wasn’t only DC Films that was trying to emulate what Marvel has done. Many other franchises have tried to build or at least lay the groundwork for their own “something” universe.

And judging by the titles in development for movies, streaming and television, they still do.

David Zaslav has been very vocal about it, and he wants it for DC. His hunt for DC’s Kevin Feige came to an end with two brave souls: James Gunn and Peter Safran.

James Gunn Updates Followers On New DC Studios TV Show


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No doubt that the two have a ton, if not tons of tons, of work cut out for them. And it is likely that they are still many feet deep swimming into the DC trove for what is to be their ultimate 8-1o year DC Studio’s bible.

Before the beginning of the new year, DC Studios made some moves that incited fan reactions. Some are quite violent and enraged, others emotional, and for many, a series of disappointments.

The fandom cried foul or maybe just cried when the glimmer of hope for Man of Steel 2 got shunned. And Henry Cavill won’t be Superman after all.

What kind of reward for fans’ patience is that? Of course, the fans know that it isn’t Cavill’s fault.

Then there is the cancellation of the proposed script for Wonder Woman 3 by Patty Jenkins. However, this had quite a variety of reactions.

Some expressed relief, let’s admit that. But there are also those who didn’t like what it meant.

Speculations abound saying even Gal Gadot will no longer be Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. And even though Gunn has debunked the report that there will be no Wonder Woman within the next three years, he didn’t say the Amazon Princess would still be Gadot.

But since the fandom knows there are the upcoming announcements, the fandom again patiently waits.

And as James Gunn is always quick to post on social media of things, he either wants to correct or announce, he shares an interesting update.

The DC Studios co-CEO posted:

My day: wrote 1/3 of an unannounced DC TV show (😃); ok’d 100 VFX shots, did reference acting for Rocket, & gave editing notes for Vol 3; & had two big DC Studios meetings.

Truly we understand how exhausting that would have been, thus the gif that befits his post.

But to share that there is a new unannounced DC TV show? That part of the post actually launched another ton of speculation.

What could the new DC TV show be? Aside from his Peacemaker having the follow-up season, what or who else could he be adding?

I have this idea that it may be Watchmen just because he used a smile emoji. Sure, it is different, but still, that is an emoji in parenthesis.

Also, Gunn writing the new show doesn’t exactly mean he’d also be directing or running it. He’s already having a lot on his plate.

James Gunn Writes New TV Show For DC Studios


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Not to mention that he is still on the final leg of engagement with activities under Marvel Studios. There is still the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 bit.

Looking into the possibilities for the new show, maybe his previous posts could be a clue. Is it possible he’s going for that Batmite idea?

Gunn has always had this tendency to bring a spotlight to characters that aren’t that popular. Well, …not yet.

Any chances that it could be Green Lantern? But that one already had its rounds in the media, so, Green Lantern couldn’t be it. Could it?

And apart from that unannounced DC TV show, there is also that last part. Two huge DC meetings.

Could they have actually presented their DC Bible to David Zaslav? Have they met with directors and writers for a new Justice League set of projects?

Again, so many questions. And, again, as fans, we wait.

What do you think of the new DC Studios TV project? Are you excited to hear what Gunn and Safran have in store for DC Studios?


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