James Gunn Confirms High Evolutionary’s Fate At The End Of GOTG Vol 3

James Gunn Confirms High Evoltuionary’s Fate At The End Of GOTG Vol 3

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 writer-director James Gunn confirms that the High Evolutionary survives at the end of the film. Not only that, but he also revealed where he’s located too.

After the film’s release, Gunn has been actively answering questions about literally anything that he is involved in. This includes Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy, his current position in DC Studios and, of course, Superman: Legacy.

A bit of a warning for people who haven’t seen GOTG Vol 3. Spoilers are galore after this point.

In the film, it was depicted that Rocket Raccoon spared the life of the High Evolutionary. However, the aftermath of that event appeared somewhat unclear regarding the character’s survival. Based on what he endured, some viewers might even interpret the character’s fate as being dead in the film.

But there is a twist.

Just a few days ago, during an interview with Strip Marvel, VFX artist Miguel Ángel Acevedo Montserrat revealed that the main villain was actually being carried by Drax the Destroyer.

In other words, he survived. So, what happened next?

The High Evolutionary Survives Confirms Director

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James Gunn answered a lot of fan questions via Twitter. One of the questions involved the survival of the Guardians’ opponent, the High Evolutionary. A fan named Slither2006 asked the writer-director:

Can you say what happened to the High Evolutionary after they saved him(?)

To which Gunn responded:

Spoiler… Imprisoned on Knowhere.

A recent report from Comicbook’s Phase Zero podcast quotes the High Evolutionary actor Chukwudi Iwuji saying in an interview:

Well, let me just put it this way. I’m hoping you’ll see an extended version or maybe an alternate ending, you know, that we certainly did film… The point is that Rocket doesn’t shoot me.

They make a point of saying why don’t you kill him and he says, ‘No, I’m not going to kill him.’ And you don’t actually see me go down with the ship. So, I’ll just leave it at that.

James Gunn Tells All That The High Evolutionary Is Alive

James Gunn Confirms High Evoltuionary's Fate At The End Of GOTG Vol 3

Credit: Marvel Studios

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That being said, and everything that they have shown so far, it would definitely point to a future appearance of the High Evolutionary once again in the MCU.

Having Gunn say that he is indeed imprisoned in Knowhere also entails that there are chances he can break out of that prison and start anew.

Could there be a chance that Marvel Studios may be considering a shift towards the general direction of the Multiverse Saga because of this?

It’s quite interesting to note that many fans appreciate the performance of Iwuji in the concluding volume of this set of Guardians in the MCU. In fact, there is a growing fraction of the audience that is toying with the idea of making him the real ‘big bad’ instead of Kang.

That also has a considerable part due to the predicament that Kang actor Jonathan Majors is in as of now. The Loki and Ant-Man 3 actor is facing serious charges and is scheduled to appear in court this coming June, putting the entire MCU’s Multiverse Saga in a bind.

There are current speculations that the MCU can still save the track it has started for Phase 5 by going forward with Iwuji’s villainous character.

What do you make of Chukwudi Iwuji portraying High Evolutionary again in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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