Jonathan Majors’ Lawyer Says He’s Facing A ‘Witch Hunt’


Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania actor Jonathan Majors is facing a ‘Witch Hunt’ , says his lawyer Priya Chaudhry. The actor could possibly face one year of imprisonment if he is found guilty in the recent domestic violence case.

The actor was at the height of his career when he was arrested on March 25, 2023. At the time, cinemas were showing two films that had him in them, Ant-Man 3 and Creed III. He had advertising endorsements and movies lined up for him to star in.

He was apprehended on charges of assault, strangulation, and harassment following a domestic altercation with an undisclosed woman. As per law enforcement reports, the woman experienced “sustained minor injuries to her head and neck.”

Since then, his career has been on the fast track of a downward spiral. He was dropped by Entertainment 360 and Lede Company, and lost two ad campaigns (US Army and Texas Rangers) and a movie role (The Man in My Basement).

Jonathan Majors’ Lawyer Tells The Public That He’ll Be Facing A ‘Witch Hunt’

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Jonathan Majors has virtually appeared through Zoom for the hearing on May 9, 2023, at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. During the hearing, it was revealed that there was an updated complaint that included an additional charge of third-degree assault. Third-degree assault is considered a class A misdemeanour, which means it can result in a maximum punishment of 12 months in jail or a three-year probation period.

The Marvel actor is set to appear in another hearing on June 13. He was told by Judge Rachel S. Pauley that he could be arrested if he failed to appear. Additionally, Judge Pauley emphasised to Jonathan Majors during the conference that he must follow the order of protection, which prohibits him from contacting the woman involved in the case.

Majors’ lawyer has said outside of court, as reported by Deadline:

We have provided the District Attorney with irrefutable evidence that the woman is lying, including video proof showing nothing happened, especially not where she claimed. We did this with the explicit promise from the DA that they would not “fix” their case and change it as we proved the woman is lying.

This is a witch hunt against Jonathan Majors, driven by baseless claims

Instead of dismissing the allegations in the face of the woman’s clear lies, the DA has adjusted the charges to match the woman’s new lies. To be clear, there are no new charges against Mr. Majors.

Jonathan Majors' US Army Ad Campaign Cancelled

Credit: HBO

Chaudhry holds the belief that the unnamed woman has been inconsistent in her narrative. Because of this, the video evidence that they obtained could be the key to proving Jonathan Majors was innocent. For now, she believes that sharing the evidence too early could potentially damage their case.

Now, we have obtained even more video evidence of his innocence, but we are hesitant to share it, for fear the DA will tip the woman off to change her story again.

The criminal justice system is saturated with explicit and implicit bias. When Mr. Majors showed a white police officer the injuries the woman caused him, the white officer got in Mr. Majors’ face and taunted him, saying that if the officer were to slap Mr. Majors, the officer wouldn’t break his finger. None of the white officers present investigated the assault of Mr. Majors. Worse, the District Attorney has not indicated any intention to pursue charges against the woman, or even investigate the truth.

Jonathan Majors’ Career Is In A Downward Spiral


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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While Jonathan Majors’ case is still ongoing, it’s worth noting that several people have come forward regarding his inappropriate behaviour. However, no evidence has surfaced thus far.

Even though the actor has lost projects, he’s still part of the MCU. But there is concern about his future in the franchise as Kang the Conqueror. He is expected to be seen in Loki Season 2, which was already filmed and was already in post-production when the arrest happened. He is also supposed to return since he is the main villain for Marvel’s latest phase.

Marvel and Disney put a lot of faith in him when he started the role, and he has proven that he is a highlight of the franchise as he was one of the best things that showed up in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. But there are also reports that Marvel has been considering replacing the actor.


Credit: Marvel Studios

Many have even expressed that they want to see Chukwidi Iwuji or John Boyega take over the role of Kang. We are speculating, but it seems that Marvel is not in a rush to put a new actor in place until the court officially decides about the case. It appears that they will only do so if the court deems Majors guilty.

Even in the event that the actor proves innocent, the damage has been done to his reputation, and it’s going to take a while to rebuild his career. If it’s true, then we’ll be happy that Marvel didn’t let go of the actor prematurely. Losing the role could have messed up Marvel’s vision of the franchise and could have been a devastating blow to Majors’ career.

Many have already quickly taken to the comments in reacting to the case. Some say he is guilty; others say he is actually the victim. There are those who reserve their judgement until the mentioned videos that will further prove his innocence show up.

What do you think of Jonathan Majors possibly facing a ‘witch hunt’? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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