James Gunn Clarifies Batman And Superman’s Ages In The DCU


James Gunn is clearing up a ton of DC Universe questions, including Superman and Batman’s age, on social media. The new DC Universe is still years away before we see anything.

But because it’s been confirmed that Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck will not be DC’s Superman and Batman, fans are wondering who the new actors will be. Superman Legacy will be one of the first projects being developed with a new actor in mind.

The only information we have about the new film is that this movie will be focused on a young Superman who is balancing his Kryptonian heritage and his human upbringing. The Brave and The Bold is set to focus on the Bat-family, especially Damian Wayne, Bruce’s son. Even though a lot of fans are hoping that one of the former Batmen will return, this already has been shot down by Gunn.

DC Studios Head James Gunn Clarifies Superman and Batman’s Ages

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With the new DCU being developed, the franchise is set for more than ten years, even though James Gunn and Peter Safran only have four years in their contract. They are, after all, trying to compete with Marvel’s connected universe.

With that in mind, people are speculating that the new Batman and Superman would be young and should last more than 10 years into the franchise.

So far, nothing has been confirmed, as James Gunn has said on Twitter when he was asked if the actor would be in his early 30s:

He hasn’t been cast yet.

Some even asked if Superman would be 25 years old. Gunn replied:

Nope! It keeps getting repeated but I never said that.

James Gunn clarified:

Yeah but people are speculating about both ages. All I ever said was Superman was younger than in his forties and Batman MIGHT be a couple years older than Superman.

Fans are restless, especially with the new projects being in question and especially who are the new actors. Who will be the new faces of DC’s new universe? These actors will be leading the new DC. Whoever they are, their task is not going to be easy. And they must be ready for the long haul.

James Gunn Clarifies Superman and Batman’s Age as people speculate

James Gunn Clarifies Batman And Superman's Ages In The DCU

Credit: DC Comics

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Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman are perceived as missed opportunities. Henry Cavill didn’t get his second Man of Steel film. He didn’t reach his full potential because he was rushed and ignored by the previous regime. Affleck, on the other hand, even though we see him in several DC projects, never got to have a solo picture of the character.

While some actors from Zack Snyder’s DCEU won’t be returning, some, like the ones from Gunn’s own Peacemaker, are coming back. In other words, the DC Universe reboot is not a full reboot. Ezra Miller’s upcoming film The Flash is supposed to make that reset.

The future of the DC Universe is still a big question mark to everyone. Even though we’ve been introduced to DC’s Chapter One: Gods and Monsters, we all still wondering how all of this will work.

Many fans of the Snyderverse still hoped that it could still exist, but we all know that Warner has tried and lost a lot because they kept trying. Because of it, the actors have aged and lost half a decade’s worth of opportunities.

All we hope now is that the new actors will be worth the wait. So far, James Gunn hasn’t really disappointed us with his choice of casting. Actually, most of the time, he can surprise us and prove many of us wrong.

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