Invincible Creator Shares His Thoughts On Multiple Seasons


In the realm of animated superhero series, few have made as significant an impact as Invincible. Launched on Amazon Prime Video, the show quickly garnered a dedicated fanbase, eagerly awaiting news on its continuation. Robert Kirkman, the mastermind behind the series, recently shared his thoughts on the potential for multiple seasons, and fans are all ears.

Invincible is not just another superhero series; it’s a narrative that delves deep into the complexities of heroism, family dynamics, and the challenges of growing up. With its first season leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, the question on everyone’s mind is: Will there be more?

The Journey So Far


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The Genesis of Invincible

Robert Kirkman, best known for his work on The Walking Dead, introduced the world to Invincible through his comic series. The transition from page to screen was a monumental task, but with the backing of Amazon Prime Video, the Invincible series was brought to life, much to the delight of fans and newcomers alike.

Reception and Acclaim

The Invincible show has been a resounding success. Critics and viewers alike have praised its intricate storytelling, compelling characters, and its ability to tackle mature themes within the superhero genre. The series’ success on Amazon Prime Video is a testament to Kirkman’s vision and the team’s dedication to bringing it to fruition.

Looking Ahead: Multiple Seasons on the Horizon?


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Kirkman’s Vision

In recent discussions, Robert Kirkman expressed his enthusiasm for the Invincible series and its future. While he remains tight-lipped about specific details, there’s a palpable excitement about the direction in which the show could head. Kirkman’s commitment to the narrative and characters ensures that if there are multiple seasons, they will be crafted with the same passion and precision as the first.

Amazon’s Stance

Invincible has found a comfortable home on Amazon Prime Video. The platform’s support for the series has been unwavering, and there’s a mutual desire to see the story continue. While official announcements are pending, the collaboration between Kirkman and Amazon suggests promising developments for Invincible enthusiasts.

The Fans’ Perspective


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A Growing Community

The Invincible fanbase is expanding rapidly. Forums, social media groups, and fan art dedicated to the series are burgeoning, indicating a deep connection with the story and its characters. This community is eagerly awaiting news on the series’ continuation, and their voices are undoubtedly being heard.

The Power of Adaptation

One of the strengths of the Invincible series is its ability to adapt and evolve. While it remains true to the essence of the comics, the show has introduced new elements, making it fresh and engaging. Fans appreciate this adaptability, and it’s a driving factor behind the clamour for more seasons.

Final Thoughts on Invincible on Prime Video


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The future of the hit animated show on Amazon Prime Video looks promising. With Robert Kirkman at the helm, the series is in capable hands. The combination of a dedicated creator, a supportive platform, and a passionate fanbase suggests that Invincible has a bright future ahead. Multiple seasons seem not just possible, but likely.

As the world of Invincible continues to expand, viewers can only hope to be treated to more thrilling adventures, heart-wrenching moments, and the unparalleled storytelling that has become synonymous with the series. Only time will tell, but the prospects are certainly Invincible.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Invincible Season 2 when it’s finally released on Prime Video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

You can stream the first season of Invincible on Prime Video right now.

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