Here’s How You Can Improve Your Gaming Skills

So you want to become a better gamer, but you don’t know how to improve your gaming skills? Let us help you to improve your abilities. If you are sick of crashing out early and watching your friends play on, chances are you have been frantically googling how you can become a beer gamer and are or even already have dedicated a lot of time to gaming to improve your skills.

Playing more doesn’t always equal, becoming a better gamer. You can still crash out of games early even if you have upped your gameplay time. You want to be clever about how and when you are playing and how you are looking after your body. Health is important as well as practising your gameplay.


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Physical exercise is important for everyone; however as gamers can spend long periods of time in the same position, it becomes even more important for gamers to be healthy and fit to counteract the side effects of gameplay.

Exercise also releases dopamine into the brain. Dopamine is responsible for that feel-good factor you experience after a good workout. It makes you feel better, mentally and physically. Dopamine is also associated with learning and flooding your brain with this naturally occurring hormone can help you to improve your focus for longer more sustained gameplay and also analytical thinking when it comes to how you play the game.

Also, long term gaming can play havoc on your arms, fingers and shoulders. Building up your fitness levels by working these areas will help you to keep your body flexible and avoid excess injuries when playing too.


Nutrition is a huge part of boosting your gameplay. Bodies carrying excess weight or being fueled by cans of energy drinks and Cheetos alone will make you start to feel ill and sluggish. We get it, the last thing you want to do is to prepare healthy foods when you have a gaming session planned, but honestly, those people who eat better do feel better, and this is beneficial to their gaming.

An unhealthy diet can leave you feeling tired and drained of energy when what you need is the stamina to push through to and prolong and improve your game playing abilities. Being a better gamer takes practise and eating a balanced nutritional meal will help your body all it needs to help focus when playing.


Having the correct equipment is vital when it comes to improving your gameplay. Sitting on the floor in your room, hunched over your controller or keyboard in the dark won’t benefit anyone. Neither will be straining your eyes from across the room. If you want to become you, you need to make sure your setup is geared towards helping you be more comfortable.

Ergonomics is the study of making an area more practical and healthy for people to use. Think of gaming chairs that allow you to sit comfortably without hurting your back for long periods. A desk that you can comfortably sit at with your equipment and move your screen to a level that stops you stretching your neck or looking down to see. Or even if you are a mobile gamer, buy a custom phone case to ensure your phone is protected and is a comfortable size for you to hold while playing games.

All these small things add up and become better gaming isn’t purely about the gameplay itself per see, it is about how you feel when you play and how you look after your body too.


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Sleep allows our bodies and mind to rest and repair itself each day. If you are neglecting sleep due to continuous gameplay, while this itself on odd occasions won’t be a huge issue, at some point regular nights without sleep will catch up with you and impact your cognitive abilities. Switching off and allowing yourself time away from the screen and enough rest each night will allow your brain to perform at its best as you explore your skills more and look to improve how well you play.

Play with Those Better Than You

One easy way to improve your gameplay is to play with people who are more experienced or even better at playing than you. Watch how they play and make a mental note of the decisions they make and why. It may be that they are using tactics you didn’t consider or were unaware of, and you can apply that to your play to improve your gaming. Even if you crash out early, pay attention to how others play around you and analyse what they do, when they do it, and the outcome of their decisions/ We can all still learn. Even the best gamers still have tips and tricks; they can not only learn but use when they play too.


You need to be able to maintain your composure during gameplay often for long periods of time. Remaining calm so you can effectively play the game without stress amidst periods of pressure is a key skill every gamer needs no matter what game they play or platform they play on.

This is something you need to work on to allow you to improve how well you play and how you react in different circumstances. Playing soft, calming music, using white noise to relax you or even meditating can help you get in the right frame of mind to do this.


Research is key to improving your gaming skills. Look up videos online that feature your favourite game and look for tips, advice and tactics on how best to play the game. Head to well-known websites that offer this type of insight from game creators and players alike or head to Youtube to find videos of people playing the game and offering their unique insight and advice before you play. Knowing what you are playing and what to expect can help you to improve your chances of a better experience for this game and allow you to adapt what you have learnt as you play.

What do you make of this feature? How will you try to improve your gaming skills? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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