How To Plan A Party On Wheels

party on wheels

A mobile party is a thrilling way to celebrate a milestone or just have some fun because you want to.

But how do you plan a party on wheels?

You will need to consider factors such as the date and duration of your mobile party, party bus rental and an itinerary.

Date, Budget and Duration


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As with the planning of any other event, you need to decide on the date and duration of your mobile party in the initial stages of your planning.

Ensure that your date and the duration of the party are OK with your guests and the company from which you plan to get your party vehicle (unless you already own a vehicle that you will use to host the mobile party).

The length of your party is really up to you and your guests.

The average part on wheels lasts for a day but you can plan for a longer party if that’s what you and your guests want.

And of course, all of what you do will be controlled by your budget.

Ultimately, the type of vehicle you use, the type of food or refreshments you serve and the length of your mobile party will depend on what you can afford.

Party Type

You’ll also need to decide on the type and nature of the event you’ll be hosting.

Some of the events that are hosted on-the-go are bachelor parties, college acceptance parties, bachelorette parties and even pre-party events (when patrons are escorted to events in a party bus essentially starting the festivities from the moment they board the vehicle).

The type of party you’re having is very important.

Party bus rental companies often offer different types of buses for different types of events so you’ll need to be sure about this before booking or renting the vehicle. 

Some companies will even customize the vehicles to suit your event theme.


While you won’t really want to dampen the mood with strict scheduling, it is great to have at least some idea of what you and your guests will be doing as you travel in your party bus.

Will you stop and check out some scenic views?

Will you stop at clubs along the way?

Or will you sample festivals along your route?

If you plan to spend some of your time off the party vehicle, then you should factor those plans into your route as well as the length of your trip.

Or will you remain inside the bus vibing as you travel on route to a main event?

This last option is a popular one for wedding planners who use party buses to escort guests to their events.

You Party Guest List

Since mobile parties are hosted on vehicles like party buses, your guest list will naturally have a maximum capacity.

Smaller vehicles fit fewer guests while larger vehicles fit more.

This means you will have to manage your guest list accordingly.

Finding the Right Party Vehicle


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Your mobile part is not going anywhere without a vehicle so of course, this is another crucial element of your planning.

If you’ll be travelling on the road you should consider the type of party vehicle you wish to use.

If you already own a suitable vehicle that’s fine, you won’t need to worry about this.

All you’ll perhaps need to do is decorate your vehicle to create the perfect party atmosphere.

 But most people don’t own a party bus or truck.

And this is where party vehicle rental companies come into the picture.

Depending on the party vehicle rental company you consult, you’ll get to choose between buses, trucks (yes party trucks exist!), and smaller units like limousines for more intimate parties.

A limousine or stretch limousine can fit 6 or 14 people respectively.

For larger groups, you’ll need a party bus or truck of course.

Depending on the size of the party bus, you should be able to host as many as fifty people.

Food, Drinks and Liquor

If your party is just a few hours long, you probably won’t need to consider heavy catering… light refreshments and drinks may suffice.

But for long parties, you need to consider how your guests will be fed.

Will you stop at fast-food restaurants as you travel, so your guests can eat or will the food be served on the vehicle?

And who will do this catering?

Does the rental company offer the service?

Or will you need to handle this yourself?

Once you have the major details in place you are on the way to hosting the epic party on wheels.


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