How To Find A Studio For Hire In Manchester


Whether it’s animation or video production, working in these fields is not an overnight success story. You may have to start with a few side gigs that will help you put your skills to good use, then work with an array of other professionals before advancing to your own studio.

But once you’re there, you’ll be looking for an incredible space that will bring your inner artist out. Looking to find a studio for hire in Manchester? These are our best tips:

Look online


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This must be the most common way to search for things in the modern world. Forget the hassle, technology has made things rather easy. The first step is to type “studio hire in Manchester” into your search engine and a slew of results will appear. 

You can also change up the keywords and include combinations like “studios for hire in Manchester”,          “vacant studios in Manchester” or any other keywords that would bring about the best results. 

The beauty of online searches is that they are convenient, and will also offer reviews from past renters. Take time to do your due diligence so you will narrow down your options. 

Try AirBnBs

Yes, yes, Airbnbs are typically great accommodation options for those who are travelling through Manchester. But did you know that it’s an inexpensive way to find studio spaces while on a budget? 

You’ll have to do your research and find a house with enough floor space. There are also actual studios for rent that are part of Airbnb listings. Don’t rush, research and you’re bound to find something out there. 

Talk to a realtor

There are so many empty retail office locations open for a tenant in Manchester. Realtors have a good eye for these listings and could recommend the best places to hire a studio. 

Communicate your budget and preferences and they’ll get to work and most likely find places that are available to rent on a permanent or temporary basis. 

Join a studio co-op


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Studio co-ops bring together several artists that would work together in the same space so they can afford the studio on a full time basis while sharing the costs. This way, you’ll get a photo studio that you can use often but won’t have to pay as much as you would for a dedicated space.

Manchester is a large city with many co-ops available. If there’s no space in your area, you can approach friends and colleagues who could consider the idea. 

Scour online classifieds

Classifieds are useful for finding spaces for hire. They are simple to search through and they will introduce you to an array of studio for hire options. Start with online classifieds like ( that will often bring up the best search results. 

This is more like a Craigslist ad for studio spaces. However, ensure to follow all relevant safety measures and be on scam alert when using online classifieds. 

The Bottomline on searching for a studio in Manchester

Studios for hire in Manchester don’t have lengthy lease times. They are often short and sweet. Therefore, you can choose the most flexible hiring arrangement. What are you waiting for? Go on and start searching!

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