Henry Cavill Superman Big Plans Teased By Black Adam Producer


Henry Cavill’s Superman is back in the DC Universe! Black Adam’s producer has teased that they have very big plans for Henry Cavill’s Superman in the future of the DC Universe, which sounds perfect. It was revealed not too long ago that Cavill was going to make a cameo in Black Adam’s post-credits scene. This was incredible news, and after seeing the post-credits scene for myself, it did bring tears to my eyes.

I know it sounds a bit silly, but there was something very special about seeing the British actor’s Supes back in the iconic red and blue suit. It was a pretty incredible moment, and it sounds as though Warner Bros Discovery has very big plans for Cavill’s Superman moving forward, which I think is something that all DC Comics movie fans have been wanting to hear for quite some time now.

Black Adam’s producer says they have big plays for Henry Cavill’s Superman


Credit: DC Films

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So, Black Adam producer, Hiram Garcia, revealed during an interview with CinemaBlend that they have really big plans for Superman in the future of the DC Universe:

It’s never been about a one-off or just about a fight, no, it’s about so much more than that. We really want to craft a long form of storytelling and show that these two characters exist in the same universe and are going to have to deal with each other often, either on the same or opposite sides. Hopefully, they’re going to clash at some point, but it’s not just about a ‘one fight’ situation. That was never our dream. That does not reward the fans. Fans want to feel a journey between these guys knowing that these guys exist in the same universe.

Another Superman movie is coming


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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So, it seems that Warner Bros Discovery is looking at expanding its Superman content. I’m pretty sure this is something that’s changed since the company’s merger with Discovery. The new leadership, namely David Zaslav (Warner Bros Discovery’s CEO), has been very interested in making more movies with their big DC Comics superheroes. This means that we should expect to see more Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman movies in the future.

They’ve been scrapping a lot of their smaller projects that they feel won’t have as big a chance of making a real splash at the box office. I personally feel as if this could be a good thing. However, I was really looking forward to seeing films such as the Batgirl movie. However, I have to say that I think that Zaslav made the correct decision in cancelling some of the other projects that DC Films had greenlit. I do not get why they ever thought an Hour Man movie would be a good idea.

Other projects that DC Films had greenlit and have subsequently cancelled include The Wonder Twins film, The Trench movie, as well as the Zatana project, which apparently is still being shopped around Hollywood.

Black Adam is in theatres now. Have you guys seen it yet? If you have, then I would recommend you read our review of the film. (Spoilers, we had a good time with the film).

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing more of Superman in the DC Universe moving forward? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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