First Look At Natalie Portman As Lady Thor Revealed


It was revealed a while back now that Thor: Love And Thunder was going to feature Natalie Portman as Lady Thor and we’ve now had our first look at her in character.

Well, I say this is our first look at Portman as Lady Thor, it’s more an illustration of how she’ll look.

A new Thor: Love And Thunder t-shirt was revealed today, and it featured a rather cool illustration with Thor, Lady Thor and Valkyrie.

They look so cool together and this illustration does give us a pretty good idea of how the characters will look in the movie.

Really, it’s Portman’s Lady Thor that stands out on this t-shirt.

Before now, fans were really sure how she’ll look and fit in the story.

It does seem as though they are taking inspiration from one of the Thor comics.

The comic in question is called Original Sin and it sees Jane become Thor, however at a huge cost.

Jane, in the comics, is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Natalie Portman looks incredible as Lady Thor in Thor: Love And Thunder

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Every time she transforms into Lady Thor, she was ridding herself of the chemotherapy that was treating her breast cancer.

It does seem as though they are going to do a version of this story in the upcoming movie.

It’ll be interesting to see how director/writer, Taika Waititi tackles this very difficult subject matter in his movie.

That said, people are very excited to see Portman play this version of Jane Foster.

The last time we really saw her in the MCU was in Thor: The Dark World and that was a pretty poor Marvel movie.

It had seemed as though Portman was done with the MCU after that.

However, it seems as though the chance of working with Taika and the fact that Thor: Ragnarok was so much better than the previous films were enough of a pull to bring her back into the MCU fold.

What do you make of this news?

Do you like the look of Lady Thor in Thor: Love And Thunder?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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