Chronicle Director Josh Trank Reveals How He Stopped The Sequel From Happening

The director of Chronicle, Josh Trank, revealed how he prevented Chronicle 2 from being made, and it sounds like it was a very ‘Josh Trank’ thing to do.

I think that Josh Trank is one of the most interesting and strangest directors working in Hollywood.

I’m a bit surprised that he’s still working given his antics on the set of his Fantastic Four movie and his behaviour upon its released.

He was reportedly very difficult to work with on set.

When the movie was released in cinemas he then took to Twitter to claim that the movie wasn’t the one he wanted to make.

Sounds like utter madness, and now he revealed during an interview with Collider how he stopped Chronicle 2 from being made.

Josh Trank stopped Chronicle 2 from being made


Dane Dehane in Chronicle – Credit: Dune Entertainment

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Here’s what Trank told Collider he did in oder to stop Chronicle 2 from ever being made:

I made it difficult for them to set up meetings. I was dodgy about stuff. I did a lot of sh*tty things. Because I really didn’t ever want to see Chronicle 2 happen. That was my worst nightmare. First of all, I’m not doing it. Second, if somebody else does it, then you know it’s going to be a piece of sh*t.

It sounds like Trank really didn’t want the movie to be made.

To be honest, it kind of makes sense if he really didn’t want anyone else to make the movie.

It’ll be interesting to see how Trank does things moving forward.

Will he ever get to direct another comic book movie? We’ll have to wait and see.

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