Fans Demanding Netflix ‘Correct Their Mistake’ After Cancelling Popular Show


Warrior Nun fans are showing their frustrations on Netflix as they demand that the cancellation be reversed for the popular show. Screen Rant reports that fans are using the social media site Twitter to “correct [Netflix’s] mistake.”

The show is based on Ben Dunn’s comic Warrior Nun Areala. The series was created by Simon Barry and was released in 2020. It focused on the character Ava Silva, played by Alba Baptista, who has somehow attached herself to an angel’s halo. This, in turn, gave her supernatural powers.

The first season struggled with critics, with a 69% Tomatometer score. But despite that, the audience reception was very good. Good enough to justify a second season. Which did get a greenlight not long after its release.

The release of the second season took a while. But because of COVID and other issues, it took a year actually to get things started with the production.

Warrior Nun’s season 2 had good reviews, it could be considered one of Netflix’s best shows. So far, it has a 100% Tomatometer rating and a 99% audience score.

I’m not sure if any similar Netflix shows had that same level of critical and audience rating. I think the closest ones recently are Arcane: League of Legends, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Extraordinary Attorney Woo and Heartstopper.

Fans Want Netflix To ‘Correct Their Mistake’ After Cancelling Popular Show

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Even the very popular Wednesday didn’t get that same level of critical and audience reception. The show’s second season only lasted three weeks on Netflix’s own top 10 list of TV shows and it struggled to get 30 million hours of watch time each week.

In comparison to Netflix’s own 1899, which stayed for five weeks in Netflix’s top ten list and even had a very good start in the first week with 79 million hours of watch time. But that show that had such promise and a known following was cancelled after just one season. How much more for the struggling Warrior Nun?

Simon Berry announced on December 13th, 2022, on Twitter that Netflix will not be renewing Warrior Nun for a third season. He said:

I’ve just found out that @netflix will not be renewing #WarriorNun – my sincere appreciation to all the fans who worked so hard to bring awareness to this series, and for the love you showed me, the cast and the whole production team. It was a privilege to be a part of this.

This prompted fans to use the hashtag SaveWarriorNun.

More recently, tweets have focused on “NETFLIX CORRECT YOUR MISTAKE.”

Two months ago, fans started a petition on Change.Org for Netflix to reverse the cancellation. As of two weeks ago, it has already gained 100,000 signatures.

Fans Demanding Netflix To Bring Back Popular Show

Fans Demaning Netflix 'Correct Their Mistake' After Cancelling Popular Show

Credit: Netflix

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Even Warrior Nun writer and producer David Hayter (known for voicing Snake in Metal Gear Solid) also has joined in the campaign, saying:

For the love of Ava… #SaveWarriorNun

Not only that, but fans also started a website called Fans also started a GoFundMe that will focus on advertising and exposure for the show.

But regardless of how many fans there are, the issue is still the same. From Netflix’s point of view, there are not enough watch hours to justify another season. Nor is it enough to give it a final one. With Netflix struggling with their own finances, it’s not likely that the streaming network will consider renewing Warrior Nun for the fans.

There is a possible silver lining. Berry did say in one of his responses to fans that they are looking into getting the show into another network. He replied back on December 14th, 2022:

We (@rdfinc_ and I) are looking into this. We will find out if there’s a path to moving #WarriorNun somewhere else. Will keep everyone posted. #SaveWarriorNun

Do you think Netflix should give Warrior Nun another chance? Or should it just go to another network? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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