10 Facts You Did Not Know About Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes


The show that’s had everyone talking this year, Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes, follows a complex love triangle between Psychiatrist David Ferguson (Tom Bateman), his wife Adele Ferguson (Eve Hewson) and David’s secretary and single mother, Louise Barnsley (Simona Brown).

After many twists and turns, suspicion of psychiatric issues, affairs and lies, the very original ending has left many viewers stunned and confused, making it one of this year’s best thrillers on TV.

But there’s probably a few things you didn’t know about the show, its actors and the storyline still.

Spoilers for Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes coming up.


1. The hit show ‘Behind Her Eyes’ is based on a book of the same name


Credit: Netflix

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The show was adapted from Sarah Pinborough’s 2017 thrilling novel ‘‘Behind Her Eyes’’ which has been described as a ‘marmite’ story by many.

Published by Harper Collins in 2017, the book was previously a number one bestseller in the psychological thriller category with its original story and shocking ending.

The book also involves supernatural spirits and a powerfully shocking ending.

2. Adele is not who we think she is


Credit: Netflix

The main character Adele Ferguson played by Eve Hewson is actually originally Irish and currently lives in Brooklyn, USA.

She is the daughter of U2 frontman Bono.

She often references her father as her Kris Jenner, a ‘‘crazy stage mother.’’

She is Bono’s second daughter.

3. David is also not who he says he is


Credit: Netflix

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Tom Bateman who plays David Ferguson is not actually Scottish.

The star was slammed for having what has been described as one of the worst Scottish accents on TV ever.

Many viewers have claimed to have been distracted by Bateman’s accent since he is originally English with a British accent.

4. Many themes were seen as problematic


Credit: Netflix

The show has been described as transphobic and homophobic.

The astral projection storyline revolves around white characters instead of the marginalised characters like Louise, and favours characters like Rob and Adele, making viewers sympathise with them.

If you haven’t finished the show, you need to keep watching, and if you have, the ending speaks volumes to this point.

5. The switch of the storyline from romcom/drama to thriller sci-fi was found confusing by many


Credit: Netflix

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The show initially gripped viewers with the love triangle between Louise, David and Adele and showed real promise in that lane.

However, near the end, it takes a turn which many viewers may have enjoyed but may have also found strange, even though it all adds up by the end.

6. There is no sequel book, but due to the success of Behind Her Eyes season one, there may be a follow-up season


Credit: Netflix

There are whispers of a sequel series potentially being made due to the popularity of season one, but no one knows if the plot will continue with the original characters, or if a new story will be created entirely based on similar themes.

7. A pivotal scene from the book was erased


Credit: Netflix

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A very horrific scene from the book was cut.

It was of Adele killing Marianne’s cat.

This was so as not to reveal just how evil Adele’s character is and to leave the mystery lingering a bit longer.

In the book, the cat’s murder is very graphic.

Adele in one part of the book also brutally stomps on Charlie the cats head with her high heel.

8. There’s another pretty important scene in the book which the show did not use


Credit: Netflix

There is another horrifying scene in the novel where Adele aborts her baby.

The scene was not included because it was felt that it would have given away the ending, as we all know Adele would want nothing more than to have David’s baby.

So why would she abort the man she loves, baby?

If you have seen the ending, you will understand.

9. Angles, angles, angles


Credit: Netflix

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Many of the scenes between David and Louise were filmed from above as if someone was watching them.

These angles, once done with the show, would clearly allude to Adele’s astral projection but you have to finish the show to know this.

10. Debate Anyone?


Credit: Netflix

Sarah Pinborough the writer of the novel, wanted the ending of the show to cause a bit of a ruckus.

“I wanted it to hit all the beats of a regular thriller. The clues had to be there,” she said.

“I finished watching it and then I had a shower and went to bed and I was still thinking, ‘That ending, man!’ – and I made it up!”

The controversy has proved positive for the book and show as people are still talking and writing about it in think pieces and on social media.

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