Ezra Miller Kidnaps Teenager And Is On The Run – Police Can’t Find Them

It’s been revealed that Ezra Miller has reportedly vanished (Miller’s on the run) after allegations came out against the actor claiming that they had brainwashed and groomed a minor.

This is easily one of the most bizarre stories I’ve had to write this year.

It’s also pretty troubling.

It was revealed last week that Ezra Miller has reportedly been grooming Tokata Iron Eyes since she was 12-years old.

Now, her parents Chase Iron Eyes, and Sara Jumping Eagle are seeking an order of protection against Ezra Miller.

They are alleging that from the moment Miller and Tokata met back in 2016 at the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota, the Fantastic Beasts and Justice League actor has been exploiting Tokata.

Tokata was 12 years old at the time they met, and Miller was 23.

The police cannot find Ezra Miller! What’s going on?


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According to The LA Times, Tokata’s parents are claiming that Ezra Miller and their 18-year-old “remain on the run”.

A judge signed a protective order in Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court earlier this week, but the court “cannot locate or serve” the order to Miller because his present locations are unknown, according to legal records.

Tokata Iron Eyes’ parents are causing The Flash star of “physically and emotionally abusing” and grooming their 18-year-old child.

Attorney Chase Iron Eyes and his wife Sarah Jumping Eagle claimed in court records that Ezra Miller was “psychologically manipulating, physically intimidating, and endangering the safety and welfare of Tokata Iron Eyes.”

What do you make of this news?

Do you really believe that Ezra Miller kidnapped and groomed a minor?

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  1. Anonymous

    If her father is an attorney why has it taken 6 years for them to do anything about it? Why wait until she is of legal age to bring this up in court? If they have been aware of the grooming and abuse since she was 12 why have they stood back and let it happen? This doesn’t make much sense…

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