Bruce Campbell Reveals He Won’t Be In Future Evil Dead Movies

Bruce Campbell has revealed that his Ash character won’t be turning up in future Evil Dead movies including the upcoming Evil Dead 4.

Campbell’s been playing Ash in the Evil Dead movies and subsequent TV show for years now.

It really kickstarted his career and his working relationship with Sam Raimi.

Campbell’s gone on to star in a bunch of his films, including the Spider-Man movies.

The actor’s been talking recently about how he’s managed to get the Evil Dead 4 movie made.

This happened after his series, Ash vs Evil Dead was cancelled well before its time.

He then started trying to get another Evil Dead movie made, and it looks like he’s succeeded.

Campbell recently revealed that the movie’s found a director and that it’ll be called Evil Dead Now.

Bruce Campbell won’t be playing Ash again in future Evil Dead movies


Bruce Campbell as Ash in Army of Darkness (Evil Dead 3) – Credit: Universal Pictures

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Campbell revealed all of this during a recent interview with Empire.

In this interview, Campbell said: “From this point forward, they kind of have to stand on their own. Which is fine. And liberating. You could have different heroes, different heroines in this case. This one’s gonna be a little more dynamic.”

I am sad to hear that Campbell won’t be playing Ash in the upcoming Evil Dead movie.

However, I do hope there are legs in this horror franchise.

What do you make of this new?

Are you sad to hear that Bruce Campbell won’t be playing Ash again in the Evil Dead movies?

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