Disney Considering Legal Action Against Police Using The Punisher’s Skull On Their Uniforms

Disney is considering taking legal action against the police in the United States who’ve been painting The Punisher’s skull on their uniforms.

What’s been going on the United States has been eye-opening and shocking.

However, racism and police brutality isn’t just an American problem.

We have issues with racism and poor policing over here in the UK and throughout Europe.

I grew up in France, and the police force over there is pretty brutal and also have a systemic racism problem.

Things need to change, and fast, and it’s no wonder that the higher-ups at Disney have been rather worried by the fact that many police in the US are painting The Punisher skull on their uniforms.

Disney could take legal action against some police using The Punisher logo on their uniforms


The Punisher series on Netflix was incredible – Credit: Netflix

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This news was revealed by io9 who revealed that Disney is considering taking legal action against these individuals.

A spokesperson for Marvel recently told io9 that Disney is looking at police taking the unlicensed use of the imagery.

This spokesperson also revealed they were standing by their previous message standing against racism that the official Marvel Entertainment Twitter account shared on Sunday, May 31st.

Marvel followed that up last Thursday with a post pledging $5 million in support of nonprofit organizations that advance social justice, including a $2 million donation to the NAACP.

What do you make of this news?

Do you think Disney would be right to take legal action against some police officers using the Punisher logo.

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