Escape From Tarkov: Best Tips To Help Survive The Raid


Escape from Tarkov or EFT is brutal, and players find its learning to be rough. This is also considered to be one of the highly realistic and extreme 1st-person shooters around. Hence, getting into this game turns into a sharp learning curve. The important thing is this game doesn’t have a tutorial for beginners, which is why they find many issues in getting to it initially.

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Become aware of the ammunition


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The two most vital stats in EFT are Damage and Penetration Power. Damage is regarded as the amount of damage that the bullet is capable of inflicting on the body of the target, whereas Penetration Power does range from one to eighty-eight. When the Penetration Power is higher, a bullet will be able to punch through high-rated armor. If a gamer has Penetration Power ammo, it means an improved chance to penetrate the armor of his enemy.

Armor matters a lot

From materials to Armor Class rankings, having a basic understanding of the working of armor in Tarkov seems confusing. When players play EFT, they need to be aware of three chief things. Durability is regarded as the amount of damage that armor is capable of absorbing before it is rendered insignificant. And Armor Class ranges from one to six, and its job is to determine the ammunition quality. In this matter, the Repair Rate of armor is tougher to find out because there isn’t any in-game method for determining this number. The two finest components from which armor is prepared are Armored Steel and Polyethylene.

Best Healing

From heavy bleeds to broken limbs, players come across various ailments that the PMC of a player can suffer from, and becoming familiar with the working process of every medical item and what that medical item treat is hugely vital. Every med item is found with an entire description that includes the healing time, what it heals, etc. An integration of meds is brought in for healing the PMC of a player. In this matter, the most effectual integration is the Surv12 Field Surgical Kit and Grizzly First Aid Kit. This integration of medications ensures that damage would be cured in a raid.

Become aware of the maps well

When you play Escape from Tarkov, you need to be aware of the maps well. Gaining map knowledge is meant knowing every map, Scav spawn sites, the extracts of the map, and points of interest. A gamer can choose any one of the eight maps for offline mode. It would permit him to get known to the maps well. Gamers will also require a lab keycard to enter the map of the Labs. However, the keycard is returned towards the finishing of the offline raid. The in-game maps that the gamers buy from the Therapist are all topographical, and most new players aren’t habituated to seeing them. When players get to the offline mode, they explore every map so that they can learn about every extraction point as well as building.

Become conscious of your enemy

Gamers who play Escape from Tarkov come across various kinds of enemies, and among them, Scavs are the smoothest enemies. Commonly, solo, Scavs have very little or no armor. And they have fundamental weaponry that can be recognized by their Russian voice lines and ragged clothing. Dealing with raiders seems like a challenge and they travel in packs of four. They have improved abilities, ammo, and weapons, and gamers can identify them by their improved gear as well as English voice lines. Gamers will also find bodyguards who are elite-level enemies, and they are seen only with Scav Bosses. Every bodyguard remains armed with the best armor and weapons, and due to their nature, they never stray from their boss far. Hence, players can easily recognize them by their higher-level gear.

The bosses, the bodyguards

Presently, the bodyguards have only three bosses, and they are Reshala, Sanitar, and Gluhar. The bosses are viewed as the toughest enemies in EFT. Every boss has an exclusive Artificial Intelligence or AI and this quality permits it to react to every situation differently. Again, every boss is found with a distinctive look too. Hence, players can easily spot them. When gamers play this game in offline mode, they find the bosses and Scavs to be spawning. And it is utilized to practice recognizing and combating them in the absence of other players.

Select every piece of equipment judiciously

Before gamers go out, as well as a raid in EFT, they must select their equipment. Additionally, they must learn the method of using the storage container too. While playing EFT if a gamer dies, he will continue to retain his items and belongings. For the initial raids, they will require some rounds of full magazines and pistols, and they need to see the flea market well, as they will find some excellent deals there.

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