Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch Will Be In Spider-Man 3

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It’s been revealed to us by sources reportedly close to Marvel Studios that Elizabeth Olsen will be playing Wanda Maxmioff (Scarlet Witch) in Spider-Man 3. This comes after months of speculation that Olsen will be in the MCU film.

Spider-Man 3 is feeling very full already, and now we’ve been told that there’s another name in the mix, and that’s Elizabeth Olsen. We’d already heard that Benedict Cumberbatch will be in the movie as Doctor Strange. It’s then been rumoured that the film will also feature Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Kirsten Dunst, Charlie Cox, Alfred Molina and possibly Willem Dafoe.

There are so many more names that have been added to the mix as far as Spider-Man 3. However, there was one actor who denied they were in the movie, and that was Dane DeHaan who said he wasn’t going to be in the movie as his version of The Green Goblin.

Elizabeth Olsen will be in Spider-Man 3


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Here’s what our source had to tell us about Elizabeth Olsen being in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 movie:

Elizabeth Olsen will shoot some scenes for Spider-Man 3 as Wanda Maximoff.

I then asked the source of a bit more information on what scenes she’ll be in and whether her Scarlet Witch will have scenes with Tom Holland’s Spidey in the movie. Here’s what they answered:

Her scenes will have to do primarily with the Multiverse, and she will interact with Tom Holland’s Spidey in the movie.

The next Spider-Man film is feeling very full

WandaVision on Disney Plus Scarlet Witch Doctor Strange 2 Wanda Maximoff

Credit: Marvel Studios

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This comes after Olsen was speaking to Capital FM over here in the UK and opened up on whether she would be in Spider-Man 3 or not. So, during this interview, Olsen was asked whether Wanda Maximoff would be joining the Spidey flick, which is rumoured to have a very large cast with current and post-Marvel actors turning up thanks to the Multiverse being unleashed onto the MCU.

Olsen revealed: “I assume you might [see Wanda in Spider-Man 3] if everyone’s in it, but I haven’t showed up to that party yet.”

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch in Spider-Man 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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