Dune Director Says Sequel Could Start Shooting Next Year

So, Dune’s director, Denis Villeneuve has revealed that a sequel could start shooting as early as next year, and we really hope it does!

Villeneuve revealed this during a recent interview with Gizmodo.

He and the movie’s cast are currently jet setting around Europe promoting the movie.

There have been pretty positive reactions to Dune, however, some outlets haven’t enjoyed the film as much as others.

That said, I doubt the small number of slightly negative reviews will not stop Villeneuve and Warner Bros. Pictures from making a sequel.

The movie was always meant to be two parts and it would be such a shame should Villeneuve not get to finish what he intended to do.

You can have a look at what Villeneuve had to say about filming for Dune’s sequel below.

Dune’s sequel could start filming next year


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Here’s what Villeneuve had to say about filming Dune Part 2:

I would say that I would be fairly ready to go quite quickly now. Quickly in terms of a movie of that size. You still need to make sets and costumes, we are talking about months. But if there’s enthusiasm and the movie is green lit, sooner than later I will say that I will be ready to shoot 2022 for sure. I am ready to go and I would say that I would love to bring it to the screen as soon as possible.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see a Dune sequel?

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