Disney Plus UK Price To Be Increased By £20 A Year


It’s been revealed that Disney Plus will now cost subscribers in the United Kingdom £20 more a year, which is a pretty heavy price increase.

This was something that Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, hinted at a few days ago, and it’s just been officially revealed by the House Of Mouse.

They revealed this news in a recent email sent to Disney Plus subscribers in the United Kingdom.

Before now, Disney Plus cost subscribers £59.99 a year (or £5.99 a month).

However, those prices are now going up to an eye-watering £79.90 a year (or £7.99 a month).

I know that it’s still cheaper than some other streaming platforms, but it marks the biggest price hike we’ve seen from these platforms yet.

The issue is that Disney started by offering very low prices as a means to bring people into their service.

Disney Plus’ UK price is increasing to £79.90 a year

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It started off by being £49.99 a year and £4.99 a month.

However, Disney was always keen to stress that that price would go up.

We just didn’t know how fast and by how much the price would increase.

This comes after UK residents were met with the unpleasant news that their gas and electricity bills would be going up by about £700 a year!

So, now many UK households will be looking at their Disney Plus subscriptions as something that they might have to cancel.

Here’s what Disney said to it’s UK-based subscribers in a recent email:

If you have an active Disney+ subscription, your Disney+ subscription will be billed and will continue at a new annual price of £79.90 on your next payment date on or after 23 August 2021. If you have an active Disney+ subscription, your Disney+ payment method will be automatically charged on that date, unless you cancel beforehand.

What do you make of this news?

Will you be keeping your Disney Plus subscription?

Let us know in the comments below.


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