Disney Looking To Buy DC And WarnerDiscovery?


It’s being rumoured that Disney could end up buying DC Comics, DC Films and WarnerMedia and Discovery in a future deal, which would be insane if you ask me.

This comes via a report in CNBC, which reported that AT&T’s whole WarnerMedia and Discovery merger could be just a way to make the sale of the whole thing easier later on.

The reported number being banded around is $100 billion, which would be a huge price to pay.

However, with that, the potential buyer would get access to the likes of Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Comics, DC Films, HBO, HBO Max and everything under the Discovery banner.

This would be a huge deal, and I reckon it could be even bigger than Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox.

So, it’s basically being reported that this new company which is going to be formed out of the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery (which might be called ‘WarnerDiscovery‘ – still a working title), could even up being sold off to the highest bidder.

So, the usual suspects could be in the mix to buy out this WarnerDiscovery company: Apple, Amazon, Netflix, or even Disney.

Could Disney be looking to buy WarnerMedia, DC Films, DC Comics and Discovery?

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Credit: Disney

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According to CNBC, the fact that billionaire John Malone agreed to relinquish his Discovery voting shares to merge the company with WarnerMedia is a big deal.

CNBC writes:

Malone agreed to turn in those shares for common equity because he wanted to give a combined WarnerDiscovery flexibility to sell itself in the future — most likely to a deep-pocketed technology company like Amazon or Apple or another media behemoth like Disney, according to a person familiar with the matter.

They then go on to state that the fact that AT&T is looking to get out of the entertainment business altogether is future evidence that they’re looking to sell it all off in one fell swoop.

It’s being speculated that what AT&T might want to do is to sell its shares in WarnerDiscovery and then the company could end up being sold off an even bigger corporation, i.e. Disney, Apple or Amazon.

They would be the three companies big enough to afford such a purchase.

Does this mean they should do it? I think not. I also think that should Disney buy WarnerDiscovery, the Capitol might have something to say about it.

It sounds like that would make Disney an even bigger monopoly than it already is.

So, all I can say for sure is that it looks like WarnerDiscovery will be sold off to someone.

What do you make of this news?

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  1. Mr Thomas G Kingston

    I don’t like the sound of this.. Disney owning marvel and DC.. they’d confuse the hell out of the audiences.

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