Deadpool 2’s Director Wants to Return for The Matrix 4

David Leitch has been super busy of late. The director’s made Deadpool 2, Hobbs & Shaw and Atomic Blonde, and he was an uncredited director of the very first John Wick movie.

However, before becoming a director, Leitch was a pretty well-known stunt man and second unit director.

He performed stunts in movies such as Blade, Fight Club, The Bourne Ultimatum… The list is literally endless.

However, Leitch also performed stunts in a number of the Wachowskis movies such as Jupiter Ascending, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

It turns out that he’s very keen on working with Lana Wachowski again in the upcoming fourth Matrix movie, which as of writing is simply called The Matrix 4.

He recently opened up about this desire in an interview with ComingSoon, where he said he would do anything to be in that movie.

“If Lana called and wanted me to do anything on that movie, I would come, I’d carry a c-stand or sandbags,” Leitch told ComingSoon.

David Leitch will do anything to join The Matrix 4


David Leitch will do anything to be part of The Matrix 4 – Credit: Warner Bros.

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“I loved working with her and I loved working with her sister and I feel like I owe so much of my filmmaking background to working on not only the Matrix movies but also Speed RacerNinja Assassin. They were great mentors to me, so if they call I’ll be there. Catering [even]!”

Leitch had previously revealed that the climactic fight scene in his Fast & Furious spinoff was an homage to his work in The Matrix Revolutions.

“It’s a bit of an homage,” Leitch told ComingSoon in a previous interview.

“Look, I’m a huge fan of the Wachowskis, and my time spent with them and the incredible amount of filmmaking knowledge they extended upon me during those formidable years.

“So part of it, yes, was an homage, and we tried to do our own spin on it, but yeah, it’s a little bit of that for sure,” he finished.

Leitch hasn’t done any stunt work since 2015. It seems as though his last film in which he performed stunts was Hitman: Agent 47.

However, it seems as though he’s ready to return to his stuntman days to be in The Matrix 4.

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