Deadpool 2’s New Trailer Introduces Us To The X-Force Team

There’s a new trailer for Deadpool 2 and it’s full of blood, guts, gore and swear words… a lot of swear words. Oh yeah… and it introduces us to the X-Force team.

“We’re gonna form a super duper fucking group! We need them tough, morally flexible, and young enough to carry their own franchise for 10 to 12 years,” says Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool in this new trailer for Deadpool 2. “We’ll be known as X-Force.” Yep, Deadpool 2 will introduce us to the X-Force team, and I cannot wait to see them all on-screen.

We already knew that Reynolds was keen to bring the X-Force to the big screen and he’s doing precisely that in Deadpool 2. We also got a little more info as far as the film’s plot is concerned. It looks like Cable has come from the future to kill Julian Dennison’s (Hunt for the Wilderpeople) ‘firey’ character.

Deadpool doesn’t like this idea and seemingly brings together a team of highly skilled, powerful and highly marketable individuals to help him protect the boy and stop Cable from doing whatever it is he wants to do. But, we all know that Deadpool will end up joining forces with Josh Brolin’s Cable to stop this kid from destroying everything.

There have been many reports recently about Deadpool 2’s test screenings and reshoots. First off, we heard that the film’s test screenings were a disaster, then we learned that there were reshoots and then there was news of other test screenings in which the film scored an 98. The first Deadpool scored 91, so who knows how the movie will turn out. As I always say, it’s best to ignore anything test screening related because they always turn out to be wrong. I remember hearing about Wonder Woman test screening poorly and Justice League performing well. Just take a look at the final products. Need I say anything more?

Deadpool 2 (which is now officially called Deadpool 2), will be coming to UK cinemas on May 16th.

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