Netflix Needs To Make A Dead Space Series – Here’s Why


Netflix needs to make a Dead Space series and we’re going to explain to you why they have to do it, and do it soon!

There are some rumours making the rounds that a Dead Space series is in the works.

Now, I haven’t heard anything about that myself, but these rumours sparked something inside me and I just had to let it out.

(Yeah, I know, that sounds a bit icky – but it’s in keeping with what Dead Space is all about.)

It was recently revealed by EA, that the original Dead Space is going to be getting a remake.

That was brilliant news because the first Dead Space game is a genuine masterpiece.

Dead Space is a masterpiece


Credit: Netflix

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It’s also nice to see that EA still has a vested interest in the franchise even after the game’s original Visceral Games went under.

Motive Studio will be handling the remake, which is one of EA’s first-party studios.

This indicates even further that EA wants this remake to be as good as possible and I think it’ll sell like hotcakes.

Why? Because the first Dead Space game is one of the best survival horror games ever made.

There is still a huge interest in the genre – more than ever before probably.

And, this also makes me think that it’s now prime time for a Dead Space series.

Netflix’s Dead Space would bring survival horror onto the small screen


Credit: Netflix

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Now, if there is some sort of deal that’s been struck between EA and Netflix for the streamer to adapt the video game into a series, then I think that’s a great thing.

It’s a great thing for the franchise because it would mean that a larger audience would get to experience Dead Space’s rather grim but also fascinating world.

It’s also a great thing for Netflix because Dead Space – I believe – has the potential to be a huge property.

Look at what HBO is doing with Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us.

They are turning that into a TV show and spending ludicrous sums of money on it.

Reportedly, HBO is spending $10 million on each episode, which is more than what they spend on Game Of Throne’s final season.

The Last Of Us is also a survival horror game and I really think we’re about to enter a new era for the genre in live-action.

Netflix is actually pretty good with horror


Credit: Netflix

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So, Netflix needs something that can compete with The Last Of Us, and I think Dead Space is the answer.

If they stick to the original game’s tone and just kind of forget about Dead Space 2 and 3, which were more action games than survival horror, I think they’ll be onto a real winner.

Dead Space, I believe, also has a much more interesting setting than The Last Of Us.

There are echoes of the first Alien movie. I would say that it’s sort of Alien meets Residents Evil, but good.

Your character ends up on a seemingly abandoned spaceship.

You don’t know much about what’s happened, and you know pretty much nothing about the character you are playing as.

However, that changes as the game goes along, and I love the way the story was told in the game.

I genuinely believe that it would make for an absorbing series and one that a huge number of people would tune in to watch.

If Netflix really are the ones who are looking to make it, then they have to do the original game justice.

If they do that, then I could see Dead Space being a real competitor to HBO’s The Last Of Us.

What do you make of this feature?

Would you like to see Netflix make a Dead Space series?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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