David Ayer Suicide Squad Cut Screening Confirmed


David Ayer Suicide Squad cut screening was confirmed by the director himself! It was suggested by a fan on social media that they got to watch the Ayer Cut and this was then confirmed by David Ayer himself on Twitter, which is very, very exciting. The fan then took to Twitter to reveal key details about what happens in this cut of the movie that was released back in 2016.

There have been a lot of website pages dedicated to the Ayer Cut and whether it’s going to be released or not. Well, I’m going to have to mention it here that we were told a while back that the movie was edited and there were plans to release the film on HBO Max. However, it seems as though the higher-ups at Warner Bros. Pictures prevented this from happening. We might go into what happened between Ayer and Warner Bros in a future article.

David Ayer Suicide Squad cut screening did in fact happen


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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So, what happened? Well, a Twitter user called ReleaseTheAyerCut (@RTAyerCutSS) took to the social media platform to claim that they had been shown the Ayer Cut by David Ayer himself. Here’s what they wrote on Twitter:

I had the honour of being shown ‘The Cut’ by @DavidAyerMovies. No bs. 2hrs 23m of incredible! A totally different story! Forget the theatrical. This movie has a deeper message.

Now, I realise that some people might claim that this Twitter user was making it up. However, this particular user has been very vocal and active in the #ReleaseTheAyerCut movement. They might actually have been the account that started it and could be the catalyst in finally getting David Ayer’s cut of the movie released.

So, the thing that made everyone realise that this Twitter user was speaking the truth was that David Ayer himself revealed that it was true. He quote tweeted the tweet with a gif of Steve Carrell’s character in The Office and the caption ‘Facts’. Here’s the tweet in question:

Will WB ever release the Ayer Cut?

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This is actually pretty big news because it means that we could be one step closer to the Ayer Cut actually being released. I have a feeling that the movie could end up being released in 2023. There have been reports that a ‘mystery’ DC Comics film is to be released in 2023. I have a feeling that it could be a theatrical release of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad cut. I’m sure that the movie would do pretty well in cinemas as fans have been desperate to watch Ayer’s original cut of the film, which is said to be very different from the one we saw in 2016.

The Twitter user then revealed that Ayer actually let him watch the movie on his personal computer, which is just so cool! He then went on to say that Jared Leto’s Joker stole the show and that the movie was basically finished. He revealed: “The edit is complete in terms of timeline, sound etc . But, I would say there’s a bit of polishing required on some scenes particularly the last act – effects wise.” Ayer’s cut of the movie is 2 hours and 23 minutes long, which I think is kind of the perfect length. I genuinely hope that this movie ends up being released.

What do you make of this news? Would you like to see Warner Bros Discovery release the Ayer Cut? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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