Daredevil: Born Again Adds Real-Life Lawyers To Writer’s Room


A major update on the development of Marvel Studios’ Daredevil: Born Again lists real-life lawyers in the supersized series’ writer’s room. The Cosmic Circle presents the list of writers for the series that is about to begin its production. This clearly shows how serious the soft reboot of the Man Without Fear is in terms of Matt Murdoch’s day job.

Immediately, fans can feel that the upcoming series will be worlds apart from the last legal series Marvel Studios had in Disney Plus. For one thing, She-Hulk: Attorney At Law was a comedy. Second, they did not have a law professional in their writer’s team.

They did, however, have a legal advisor Charles Soule who also authored a run of She-Hulk and even Daredevil in the comics.

Daredevil: Born Again Brings Lawyers To Writer’s Room

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Interestingly, in an article from Marvel about She-Hulk’s legal accuracy, Soule said:

Every writer uses their life as research for the stories they write. They put themselves into the stories they’re telling because you kind of have to, right? In addition to writing She-Hulk, I also had a really long run on Daredevil, which is the other big Marvel Universe lawyer. So for me, having a legal background has allowed me to explore some of the Marvel characters on a lens that people who aren’t lawyers maybe wouldn’t write it the same way.

Nevertheless, despite his legal insights into the show, there were still people who pointed out details in courtroom proceedings that weren’t actual practice. These specific details could be better delivered with a legally “seasoned” team of writers.

It’s possible that this is one of the many reasons production has legal professionals in their writer’s team. Other than the slate of writers having professional exposure to legal proceedings, a good number of them have had experiences in serious law-centric shows in the past.

The Cosmic Circle has the following writers responsible for the Daredevil: Born Again series:

  1. David Feige, who also writes for lawyers and television law shows, was a public defender in New York City. He even started a nonprofit bail organisation called The Bronx Freedom Fund. Furthering his evidence to deliver engaging courtroom drama is his memoir entitled: Indefensible: One Lawyer’s Journey into the Inferno of American Justice.
  2. Thomas Wong, a New York lawyer, in turn, has his expertise in issues regarding race/ethnicity,  food/wine, sexuality/gender and legal system/courtroom procedures.
    I suspect that Wong’s insights may actually be a blueprint of an episode or two for the whole series run.
  3. Jill Blankenship co-created and was the showrunner on the series Naomi, a series featuring a fan of superheroes who discovers she herself has powers. In addition, Blankenship has also written for Arrow and its spinoff, which unfortunately did not push through.
  4. Zachary Reiter also brings both New York and law backgrounds to the writing table. His previous works for television include Law & Order: Organized Crime and CSI: New York. More notably, his work before these was being a prosecutor in Queens, where he worked on homicide investigations.
  5. Grainne Godfree is like Blankenship, who has also experience from the Arrowverse in DC, which includes Arrow, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.
  6. Devon Kliger is comparatively one of the new writers in the industry but not before becoming a development executive.
  7. Aisha Porter-Christie from shows Orphan Black, Shadowhunters and Gen V is on board Daredevil as a consulting producer.

Daredevil: Born Again Brings Real-Life Lawyers To The Show


Credit: Marvel Studios

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The showrunners of Daredevil: Born Again are Chris Ord and Matt Corman. The industry knows them for USA Network’s hit Covert Affairs, aside from Containment, The Brave, and The Enemy Within.

Charlie Cox, the lead actor in the much-awaited series, shared his thoughts with GQ magazine, saying:

I think because of the number of episodes they’ve committed to, there’ll be a heavy influence of courtroom stuff — Matt Murdoch, the lawyer in the new show. So I’m heavily focused on researching that area of this character and his life. It was one of the areas we didn’t do a huge amount exploration around before.

Personally, the moment I read that the upcoming series has people who are experienced in legal encounters, there was a relief. And going by what Soule has said, I am looking forward to a very grounded and realistic attack on the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen’s story and scenes.

What do you expect after learning about the writers’ lineup for Daredevil: Born Again? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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