Christian Slater Reportedly In Talks To Star In Spider-Man 4

Christian Slater Reportedly In Talks To Star In Spider-Man 4 01

Spider-Man 4 might just welcome Christian Slater as part of its cast for a role that is still tightly under wraps. Giant Freakin Robot writes that their sources say the actor will be among the list of actors for the movie.

Of course, we take this information with a grain of salt as there is not an official announcement yet from the production. Even though producer for Sony, Tom Rothman, declared that the fourth Spidey instalment is really brewing its web in the lab.

Even way back in December 2021, he and previous Spider-Man movie producer Amy Pascal stated that No Way Home is not the last Spider-Man movie they will be making. In fact, as early as that time, a new trilogy is on the table for the friendly neighbourhood spider.

Christian Slater Could Be In Spider-Man 4


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As far as the upcoming fourth movie for the radioactive spider-bitten teenager is concerned, audience interest is growing. They want to know what the story will be and which new characters will feature in the movie. Whatever happens, the movie will have to pick up where No Way Home left off.

Tom Holland is already officially going to be part of the project. But how are they going to bring back his buddies into the mix if they don’t remember Peter Parker and that he is Spider-Man?

On the other hand, there is no stopping Peter from befriending Zendaya’s MJ and Jacob Batalon’s Ned. Peter carries the burden-slash-gift of the memories of their friendship, and he can always reconnect with them.

That is if he wants to or, more accurately, if he thinks it is safe to befriend them again. Then again, it all boils down to what Peter can take and for how long he can stay away.

Peter Parker’s high school days are over and now he is an adult fully immersed in the real world. In these new chapters in his life, he will come across new people as well.

One of them could be someone Slater can portray. No one knows him but Aunt May can still have a long-lost relative.

Maybe someone who has information about his parents, then? Somehow, even though people don’t remember Peter, some will still know about his parents.

Who could the actor play in Spider-Man 4?

Christian Slater Reportedly In Talks To Star In Spider-Man 4

Credit: NBC Universal Television

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Also, some wonder if Peter will ever get the chance to enter MIT. If so, he could end up being classmates with MJ and Ned. There could also be a new mentor/professor could be there for him.

That mentor could be Slater. Another idea is that Slater could portray a new villain in Spider-Man’s story. Someone from the comic books who hasn’t appeared in live-action yet, perhaps?

Out of the many characters from Spider-Man’s rogues’ gallery, Giant Freakin Robot writes that Scorpion and Hobgoblin could be in the upcoming Spider-man movie.

Scorpion is Mac Gargan and the character is celebrating his 58th Anniversary after first appearing in Spider-Man #20 way back in January 1965. He is a private investigator who participated in a test that gave him superhuman strength from a scorpion driving him insane.

Meanwhile, Hobgoblin is Roderick Kingsley, who perfected Norman Osborn’s Green Goblin formula. He gained superhuman strength and intelligence without losing his mind in the process.

Another villain in the rogues’ list includes Jackal, whose alter ego is Miles Warren. He is a professor who uses his extensive knowledge of cloning to subject Spider-Man to emotional torture.

There is also Mister Negative or Martin Li, who is a crime boss having powers such as healing, mind control and transfer of energy to charge regular weapons.

New characters for a new storyline will not be difficult. It is the weaving of these new aspects into the currently running story for Peter Parker that will be the challenge.

For one thing, Parker has already faced an intergalactic villain and another who made him question his own worthiness of Tony Stark’s confidence. No doubt he already has a new slate of challenges.

Any chance that the upcoming Spider-Man movie will have Slater’s name attached to it? What do you think of Christian Slater as a new mentor or a new villain for Spider-Man 4?


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