Captain America 4 Casts One Of Its Main Villains

Captain America 4 Casts One Of Its Main Villains

Marvel Studios is doing a pretty good job hiding details on Captain America 4 until a photographer got pictures of one of its possible main villains. On top of everything that is already in circulation about the ongoing production that stars Anthony Mackie as the Sam Wilson version of the Star Spangled Hero, people are still clueless about what New World Order is going to be about.

We know Harrison Ford will be there to take over the late William Hurt’s character Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. Kevin Feige himself revealed that Shira Haas will be there as Sabra. And judging by photos taken during production, Liv Tyler will also finally come into the MCU as Betty Ross after so many years.

Joining them as cast in the movie are Carl Lumbly as Isaiah Bradley, Danny Ramirez as the new Falcon, returning as Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Joaquin Torres. Let us not forget that the movie will also bring Tim Blake Nelson back as Samuel Sterns, who everyone knows will inevitably become The Leader.

Recent photos during an on-location production got people talking about new main villains and cast members that the Cap is bound to face in the movie. So many possibilities already, and we are still seeming to have more pieces of the puzzle that is still nowhere near getting fit into a single cohesive image.

Captain America 4 BTS Photos Reveal Main Villains

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A Twitter post from Christopher Oquendo dated May 16 has two images attached saying:

Captain America New World Order filming in Atlanta, Georgia today. #marvel #anthonymackie #CaptainAmericaNewWorldOrder #CaptainAmerica #atlanta #georgia

To date, the post has 5.6M Views, 362 retweets, 516 quotes, 2,799 likes and 217 bookmarks. The two photos attached to the tweet feature Mackie in a new suit that people suspect is some form of a stealth suit quite different from that of the series over two years ago.

Murphy’s Multiverse identifies the actress in the other photo to be Alita: Battle Angel star Rosa Salazar. Apparently, Captain America will be facing the Serpent Society and joining Salazar in the photo is none other than the WWE star Seth Rollins.

Captain America 4 Casts One Of Its Main Villains

Credit: WWE

Though without confirmation, the site also presupposes that Salazar and Rollins will be Diamondback and Klaus Vorhees, aka Cobra, aka King Cobra, respectively. While the movie will be the first appearance of the Serpent Society in the main MCU, the organization has crossed paths with Captain America numerous times on the printed pages.

In the comics, Serpent Society has its origins connected to Hydra. It may be getting an altogether different story arc for the organization to enter the MCU. Many aspects of their story connect to other characters who have yet to step into Earth 616.

The comics also connected them to a version of M.O.D.O.K., whom we already know was briefly included in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Captain America 4 Production Photos Show Possible Main Villains


Credit: Disney Plus

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With a scheduled release of May 3, 2024, Captain America 4 should be on its way to wrapping up its production. That way they will have ample time to polish post-production. Feige already stated that they would be slowing down in the release of future titles where projects are better spaced apart.

Delays are also most likely brought upon by the ongoing WGA strike, which greatly affected Marvel’s other projects, such as Blade and Daredevil: Born Again.

Nevertheless, judging by the previous performances of Marvel movies such as Ant-Man 3 and Thor: Love and Thunder, Captain America 4 faces a massive challenge in bringing people’s interest back to superhero movies. It was challenging enough for Mackie to be filling in the original Captain America’s shoes. People will undoubtedly keep on comparing his character to Steve Rogers.

Many are wondering how Sam Wilson will actually live up to Steve Rogers’ name as the hero in Captain America 4 if the only thing going for him to enhance his abilities is the suit and the shield. Without the super serum, Wilson will be bound by average human limitations.

However, that in itself could be a critical factor in telling Sam Wilson’s story as the hero in Captain America 4. He has just accepted the responsibility after the episodes from Falcon and the Winter Soldier. And although Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes is still just rumoured to appear, it will make perfect sense for him to do so.

Captain America 4 is shaping to be an introduction of several groups that will be composed of heroes and villains alike. I hope they can tie everything up cohesively and not just be another movie that checks out a list of characters to introduce in the MCU.

What do you make of Captain America 4 introducing a set of new villains to the MCU? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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