Cancelled Netflix Shows Fans Still Love

There have been so many great cancelled Netflix shows over the years that disappointed fans are still reminiscing and debating over on social media. But, which ones are the best and the ones we still love? The many shows we love on Netflix that are now over include an array of limited series, and uber-popular shows that you may be shocked to find out will not be returning.

The reason, you ask? Well, it usually involves data. Firstly, Netflix will not renew a show they deem unfruitful, and sometimes, logistics are to blame as to why they cannot keep our favourites going. Here are some examples of those very shows.

Cancelled Netflix shows that we still love


Credit: Netflix

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Good Girls (2018) is a crime junkie’s dream. The show follows three mothers (Beth, Annie and Ruby) who band together to make a lot of money fast, starting with a supermarket robbery which leads to many other illegal adventures. Four seasons in, the show was extremely popular and thriving.

It was announced that the show would not be renewed for season five, leaving fans worldwide gobsmacked. The show was almost set to start filming a new season, but due to one cast member being unable to film, production was completely halted due to casting, and it was too late to continue or to find a replacement. The show’s premature ending left fans reeling. Unfortunately, the fifth season intended to close out the end of the tangled storyline that now, will never be.

Critics once praised One Day At A Time (2017) for its triumphant diversity and its unique take on American life. Based on a Cuban American family, the matriarch of the family, Elena, is an ex-Army veteran turned nurse who suffers from PTSD. She’s also a mother of two kids (Elena and Alex), and living with them is her chatty elderly mother, Lydia, a faithful Cuban who gets too involved in her daughter’s life. The show was adored by fans worldwide, yet in 2020 it was scrapped due to viewer numbers being low, despite the cast using social media to get the numbers up, urging fans to watch and re-watch episodes.

The main issue here is that One Day At A Time celebrated a culture in which shows are not made every day. If anything, conglomerates like Netflix often ignore them. Cuban-centred sitcoms are still a new phenomenon, and fans were unwilling to let that go. Netflix claims the cancellation was nothing to do with the love the show received. Netflix stated, ‘‘to anyone who felt seen or represented—possibly for the first time—by ODAAT, please don’t take this as an indication your story is not important.”

Netflix has cancelled so many great shows over the years


Credit: Netflix

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Sadly, The Chair (2021) has been cancelled, and season two will not return. Starring Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy and Killing Eve) and Jay Duplass (Industry and Mindy Project), the show follows Professor Ji-Yoon Kim, the new university Chair of the English Department at Pembroke University and her staff. Sandra Oh has confirmed she has not been called back to play Professor Ji-Yoon and that she was sad that the show would not return. The reason seems to be that the ratings were low, the show disappearing from the Netflix global top 10 list one week after Season one’s release. Critics expected a lot from the show due to the great cast and award-winning writers, including D.B.Weiss and David Benioff.

Debuted in 2021 on Netflix, Fate: The Winx Saga is based on the animated Nickelodeon series Winx Club which ran for eight seasons. The show was renewed for a second season in 2022, and yet within a month, the show was also cancelled with no plans to return for season three. Netflix has actually given no solid reason why they cancelled the show, and the confusion comes from the success of this show and its roaring fan base.

The show remained on the Top 10 list on Netflix for five weeks. But rumours of how expensive the show may have been seems to have taken precedence. Fans are said to be left heartbroken and confused. Some have even started petitions to get the show back up and running.


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