How To Reverse A Losing Situation In FIFA 23 Matches


FIFA 23 is played by a huge number of players – among them are football fans and simply caring gamers with a craving for sports simulators. Matches are held according to various scenarios and different outcomes for which you need to be ready and use everything to win back even in the most difficult fights.

How to turn the situation with a loss in your favour and win back the balls:

  • Use fast passing and ball control techniques
  • Be able to earn and convert free kicks and corners
  • Make the right substitutions

Use fast passing and ball control techniques in FIFA 23

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A quick pass is a quick passing technique to draw out an opponent in order to wear down midfielders and defenders, who will try their best to take the ball away. The technique allows you to hold the ball and force the enemy to attack you and make mistakes, it requires endurance and composure – act boldly, but not hastily and accurately.

Ball control will give an advantage, despite the fact that there is a gap on the balls – fast and accurate passes will allow you to approach the goal with the goal of scoring a goal, and if you do it quickly, you can win back all the balls and even take the lead using the opponent’s drawdown.

To competently perform the technique of exhaustion and ball control, you need good or average players. To get them, it is not necessary to invest in gold and special sets, silver is enough to start with.

To accumulate enough coins – complete daily, weekly and monthly tasks, or just go to and buy the right amount for 5-10 sets – this will allow you to collect some good performers to start.

Be able to earn and convert free kicks and corners

There is nothing better than free kicks, penalties, and corner kicks to win back conceded goals. Each of the listed free throws has its own tricks for successful implementation:

Free kick

Of course, the distance affects, but it is more than possible to break through directly into the goal, bypassing the goalkeeper. Aim at the opposite corner from the goalkeeper, choosing three-quarters of the scale into the orange zone. This will allow you to hit hard enough so that the goalkeeper does not have the opportunity to return it, but not too hard so that the ball flies above the goal. Aim at the goal, otherwise, the ball will fly past.

Getting a free kick is quite simple – use quick passes in the opponent’s half of the field, and a foul will not keep you waiting.


A corner kick is a very good opportunity to win back a goal. All you need to do is cross the ball into the middle of the penalty area – the enemy goalkeeper must not be in line with the ball’s trajectory, otherwise, he will immediately intercept it.

Hit in such a way that the goalkeeper needs to move towards the ball, but the cross falls on your player, and then he will have every chance to send the ball into the goal.

To score a corner during attacks and passes, stay as close as possible to the edge of the field and use quick dashes to the opponent’s goal, forcing the defenders to react.


Many people think that a penalty is a 100 or 90 per cent chance of scoring a goal. In fact, everything is simpler – it’s 50 to 50. Either you score or the goalkeeper catches the ball, but since you are playing against another player, and not a computer, not only miscalculations will come into play, but also personal intuition.

In order to shoot a penalty with high quality, you need to choose a great height and hit the top nine – if you are confident in your abilities, since the kick is dangerous and the ball can fly below the gate.

On the contrary, a low shot is more reliable and reduces the risk of rebounding by the goalkeeper only if you hit the goalkeeper. Use feints and a fake run – a sharp stop before the kick and shoot without accumulating impact force, dropping the goalkeeper – spectacular, but it may take time to practice.

You can earn a penalty in the enemy goalkeeper’s area simply by changing the trajectory of the run, because for a penalty you just need to lose your balance, and it is not difficult to achieve this, but you should not choose a penalty and a scoring chance – you can shoot through empty goals – hit, do not try fanatically to earn 11 meters.

Make the right substitutions

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Replacing the right players and roles will allow you to play even difficult matches with the right game and a good set of circumstances.

Change the most active defender if you are constantly on the defensive and a lot of energy is spent – the defender must be able to catch up and pick up the ball even with a strong line failure and an offside error.


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