Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6’s Release Date On Netflix Finally Revealed

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 is about to kick-off, yet there are plenty of people around the world who haven’t had the opportunity to watch Season 6.

There have been a whole bunch of legal issues here in the UK as to why Season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is still not on Netflix, but it does sound as if we might be approaching a time where we’ll be able to watch the show on the streaming platform.

As for our cousins in Australia and New Zealand, they’ll be getting to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 on Netflix pretty soon.

According to Netflix’s Australia and New Zealand’s Twitter account, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 will be available to stream from January 11th in Australia and January 13th in New Zealand.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 has a release date on Netflix… In Australia and New Zealand

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Now, they haven’t revealed a release date for us in the UK, however, this news has me thinking that they might not be too far away from announcing a UK release date for Season 6.

It really does seem as though we have to wait for a lot of things over here. We’re having to wait until March 31st for Disney Plus to be released, which means that people in the UK can’t watch The Mandalorian legally at the moment.

The reason why Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 isn’t on Netflix is because it’s on the British TV channel, E4, which is a bit annoying because it means we can’t stream it.

We want Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix here in the UK!

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Hopefully, all these rights issues will get sorted out soon enough, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans will get to rewatch all the seasons in one place before Season 7 airs.

What do you make of this? Have you been able to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7? Let us know in the comments below.

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