When will Lucifer season 5 get a release date?

Lucifer Season 5 Spoilers: Tom Ellis Drops Hint That Chloe Decker And The Devil May Have A Child

WARNING: There are potential SPOILERS for Lucifer Season 5 in this article!

Lucifer Season 5 isn’t that far away from being released on Netflix (I hope), and we’re starting to see some interviews with the show’s actors ahead of the final season.

This season will be the show’s final season, which is sad, but it does mean that we’re finally going to get a proper conclusion to the Lucifer story.

One of the things that fans are very excited to see is Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) and Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) actually end up being happy together.

This means that there is the potential to see the pair get married and maybe even have a child together.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tom Ellis was asked whether Lucifer and Chloe might have a child together in the final season.

Could Lucifer and Chloe have a child together in Season 5?

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Here’s what Tom Ellis had to say on the matter in full:

All of these things could happen. Lucifer did say to Amenadiel (DB Woodside) it’s really surprising that he hasn’t gotten someone pregnant. If Father blesses it, then maybe.

If Lucifer and Chloe were to have a child together, it would make fans very happy and be a good point to end the show on.

Speaking of points on which to end the show, during the same interview, Ellis also confirmed that Chloe and Lucifer will have a “happy ending” by the end of Lucifer Season 5.

He added: “I think my favourite stories have always been stories that the message at the end is hope and so we’re pushing towards that on this.”

During the same interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lauren German and Tom Ellis both seemed to tease that Lucifer may get married in the final season.

Ellis said: “The eternal bachelor? Well, if it’s the right person like it has been in my actual life. But yeah, who knows?”

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