Brie Larson To Star In A Female Indiana Jones Movie For Disney


As Indy’s adventures soon end, reports say that Disney is working on a female Indiana Jones-style movie starring Brie Larson. Disney may just be heeding what some audiences are asking for instead of remaking or revisiting existing franchises. Why not make a new one?

Given that the Indiana Jones franchise is approaching what is reported to be Harrison Ford’s last starring as the iconic archaeologist, there must be some room for a new player in the lost treasure adventure department.

Perhaps by looking into what they could do after Bob Iger made the mandate to focus on quality over quantity of projects, they could have found that there would be a seat for another archaeologist in their library. Like, they need a new Indiana Jones, but they are thinking, “let’s make her like a female Indiana Jones?”

Disney May Be Making Female Indiana Jones Like Movie Starring Brie Larson

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Giant Freakin Robot reports that Larson will star in a new movie that Disney is developing called The Treasure Hunters. It will depict what they describe as a female Indiana Jones. For the audience who are tired of the remakes and reboots, Disney might just be making a new franchise inspired by their popular Nazi-punching archaeologist.

As there isn’t a clear indication as to whether the project will have a connection to Indiana Jones, it is our understanding that this will be an altogether different yet similar story. Of course, some things will have to make it distinct from each other. But, they don’t deny that the pitch for the project is a ‘female version’.

Just how much of Indiana Jones will inspire the new character that Larson will soon be portraying is unclear. Although we can’t help but think of Lara Croft of Tomb Raider with the description and promised action that The Treasure Hunters is positioning itself to be.

Brie Larson To Star In A Female Indiana Jones Movie For Disney

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Not to mention that Disney Plus also has the latest addition to the treasure-hunting arc in their National Treasure spin-off series, National Treasure: Edge of History. Larson is in the current list of top actresses that can hold their own in terms of action-packed scenes and stories of adventure.

Everyone knows her as Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel of the MCU. Despite some not-so-favourable impressions from some viewers, she delivered the confidence and stance of Carol Danvers and stood her ground alongside the original Avengers in Avengers: Endgame.

Brie Larson Stars As Disney’s Newest Developing Female Indiana Jones-Like Hero

Brie-Larson Iman Vellani The Marvels Ms Marvel Captain Marvel

Credit: Marvel Studios

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Larson’s appearance in the end credit scene of the Ms. Marvel series on Disney Plus last year was much better received. Maybe she needed fans to miss her a bit. Now, she gets to show audiences yet another character under her belt. That is, after her upcoming Fast X appearance.

Did we mention that Larson is an Oscar-winning actress? So, now we did. We know you already know that, though. She not only shines in action fantasy movies, but she also delivers stellar performances in drama and even in comedy. Thus, leading a franchise covering history and grand adventures would certainly be a welcome project for her.

As the new movie – even though it may not belong in the same world or have any connection with it – is described along the lines of Indiana Jones with a female lead, there is a high chance that it will always be compared. Thus, her performance will always be pitted against Ford’s.

Personally, I think it’s good that Disney is exploring new possibilities. It may not be 100% new but at least it isn’t saying it’s a remake with so many changes aside from the lead being female instead of male. Who knows? Maybe The Treasure Hunters would even have attractions in Disney’s themed properties.

What do you think of the new female Indiana Jones-like character that Brie Larson will be portraying for Disney? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    i will be watching it! Brie Larson is well worth watching, she is a fantastic actress
    every movie she has been in, it seems like its a very good money maker for the studios!!

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