Bodies Bodies Bodies Review: Worst Film Of The Year?


Halloween may have only just passed us – where has the time gone this year? – but the appetite for ‘scary’ films will likely remain the same for some. This is why we are here to warn you – do not bother watching Bodies Bodies Bodies, a relatively new film that has only just come out at the cinema.

A few jumps, and a few spooky scenes of blood and gore – but it is not worth it, and is one of the worst films you will ever see. It may be an adaptation of a book, but in this case, the book is far better than the cinematic efforts to adapt it to the big screen. Please trust us on this.

Want to know more? We have carefully dissected the painful experience of watching Bodies Bodies Bodies – so there are spoilers ahead.

What did we think of Bodies Bodies Bodies?


Credit: A24

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There is always room for better representation and diversity – we can all agree on that, as well as to the moral and monetary impact of doing this the right. There is, however, a wrong way to be representative on screen. Bodies Bodies Bodies is a masterclass in how to do precisely that – enough so that this is beyond a caricature, it is a parody.

Bodies Bodies Bodies’ script is terrible. It is poorly written and clunky enough to the point of being irritating – reminding us how particular characters are such a great ally, as if for brownie points. Any kind of allyship is a continual work in progress – and shouldn’t be performative.

This was almost needlessly rammed into the script, leaving the impression of performative activism. At least attempt to set up the conversation with a bit of nuance – and not make it so blindingly obvious, as if to teach a child a lesson about good values.

Why on Earth is Pete Davidson in Bodies Bodies Bodies?


Credit: A24

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Asides from a gory, pointless scene where he gets his throat slashed – yes, really – sparking off the rest of the plot line, just what does Pete Davidson contribute to Bodies Bodies Bodies? The character on screen is violent, prone to outbursts of rage at regular intervals that serve no real meaning.

This becomes a real letdown when we learn that – after everyone else but two characters who form a group have died grisly deaths – he died by accident when filming a TikTok. You will feel deflated and will ask, just what was the point of this film?

It’s a bit like Lord Of The Flies – but just more of a needless ‘slasher’ type film with no real meaning, asides from creating a tiresome illustration of rich, wannabe, bratty teenagers/young adults who have no idea about the real world.

The plotline is implausible – a modern day Lord Of The Flies


Credit: A24

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In essence: every single one of the rich and bratty characters hates someone else in the group yet decides to have a gathering at a large house for some reason. During a storm. Cue a major cliche of all power lines and any electricity being cut to the house, setting the scene for a spooky showdown. Of sorts.

Tensions rise in Bodies Bodies Bodies. Pete Davidson is seen with his throat slit, trying to raise the alarm for help – later revealed to be a TikTok gone wrong. Then begins a sequence of events – partly inspired by a game of Bodies Bodies Bodies (wink murder) – where all but two of the group end up dying, in a grisly, murder context.

Yep. Usually partly because of hysteria – so one individual is murdered because of a possible threat with no evidence. Everyone else gangs up in part to confront them. One individual is also thrown out of the building into the storm, again on a limited premise with no real evidence.

How very Lord Of The Flies. How irritating. And it will grate on your patience, as it quickly becomes tedious – along with a terrible script.

The morning arrives, and the last couple is battling it out over Pete Davidson’s mobile – which reveals he managed to accidentally cut his own throat in a TikTok video gone wrong. A nameless interloper arrives, asking just what has happened on Earth, as dead bodies are littering the place. Response? I have reception,” says the character on the ground, holding a phone aloft. That’s the last fateful line of such a dreadful film.

A lot of on-screen media lately has looked at the urge to kill – just look at the latest effort by Stanley Tucci and David Tennant in Inside Man. Bodies Bodies Bodies could have been a good film – had it dropped outdated ideas, cut the running time down, and gone with a better script. Enough surface gestures.

Outdated concepts of what and who teenagers are today


Credit: A24

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Outdated concepts of who and what teenagers are today get boring quickly; it suggests a lack of originality and thought. This puts forward a fundamental misunderstanding of themes such as Cancel Culture, holding other individuals accountable, and so much more – almost as if to be funny to older individuals who oppose such viewpoints.

At least cast people in the suitable age group; Pete Davidson is twenty-nine. TikTok is not exactly attached to this age group. There’s a generational difference between Gen Z and Millennials. Nuance matters – and outdated concepts make for terrible media.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is a waste of time


Credit: A24

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Once you have got to the end of Bodies Bodies Bodies and become immune to the contents, you are left with the feeling that valuable time has been taken from you – and what can you get back, having spent watching this film for all of its running time?

Answer: very little, bar maybe trying to avoid gnashing teeth in frustration at what is ostensibly entertaining. Bodies Bodies Bodies had such potential, really.


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Good Things

  • Had potential
  • Some good kills

Bad Things

  • Pete Davidson
  • Terrible script
  • Too long
  • Too many clichés

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  1. Heather

    It is supposed to be a parody. You can get several messages from this movie. People died in part due to toxic masculinity. David not being able to stand Greg one upping him. The dangers of jumping to conclusions and how this generation can be fake with no real connection. If that all went over your head that is on you. Who says they were supposed to be teenagers? The description of the movie is 20 something’s. Not many teens have that much freedom. Pete was 27 during filming. Not much older than what he was meant to be playing. Most of the female cast were only a couple years younger and it is very common in America for people to play a little younger than their ages. Probably because nobody wants to work with actual teens and early 20’s if they don’t have to.

  2. Heather

    Again. The message was of the dangers of toxic masculinity, jumping to conclusions and how this generation has fake friends and shallow connections. David’s insecurities led to horrible things. My first message didn’t post. Also, they are not teenagers. They are 20 something’s. Pete was 27 at the time of filming and only a couple years younger than most of the female cast. They were playing as only slightly younger than their actual age. Aside from Amandla who is the youngest. You are complaining about a 20 something playing a younger 20 something. Even though that happens all the time in the U. S.

  3. Anonymous

    I agree with most of your critiques. The writing was by far the worst part but the acting was decent and the production was nice I rather enjoyed the cinematography of the film and the lack of music typically associated with movies of this sort. The writing was just absolutely God awful and ruined the movie though. How is this a parody or satire of gen z though (rhetorical question)? If anything this just seems to be a parody/satire of rich white (love me, I’m a) liberals millenials or “zillenials” if one is being generous and a clumsy attempt at it as well. Also, SO MANY PEOPLE LEAVE OUT THE FACT THAT NEARLY EVERYONE IS DRUNK AND HOPPED UP ON LIKE 5 DIFFERENT DRUGS! Anyway yeah a movie with good even great potential ruined by awful writing.

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