Bob Iger Rolls Back Price Hikes At Disney’s Theme Parks


Disney CEO Bob Iger rolls back Disneyland theme park ticket prices for Disney Resort hotel guests. A blog post from Disneyland Resort announced the new features for people staying at Walt Disney World (WDW).

With Bob Iger back at the helm of Disney, the company hopes the changes will help improve its image to the public. On Tuesday, Disney offered promotions for Disney Resort hotel guests at Walt Disney World.

The standard price of an entry fee for a one-day pass is still at $109. However, WDW guests might be able to get a lower price of $104 on low-demand days. Disneyland will be increasing the days at which this price point is offered. Disney has announced that this will extend this offer to close to two months.

Guests staying at the Disney Resort hotel now have complimentary overnight parking. For WDW Annual Passholders, park reservations are now more relaxed after 2pm. That is so except on Saturdays and Sundays at Magic Kingdom. Passholders also get access to complimentary Disney PhotoPasses and one Cinderella Castle Mural of Memories experience.

Bob Iger Makes Disney’s Theme Parks Prices More Reasonable


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Overall, it seems that Disney is trying its best to make the cost of visiting Disneyland worthwhile without adding more fees. It was very evident that the previous leadership felt like it was trying to charge every single thing.

Disney is doing what it can to recapture the hearts of its guests this time around. Notably, the announcement comes close to Disneyland’s centennial anniversary celebration. Because of this, many do wonder if this is because of Bob Iger’s return to the company. Could this be Iger’s answer to Bob Chapek’s handling of Disneyland theme parks? Not a lot of people were happy with Bob Chapek’s handling of Disney as a whole.

To be fair, Chapek faced an unusual problem when he started his reign. He started just a couple of months into the position as CEO when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit. It was a difficult issue to get through for any business. But it was a challenge that proved to be overwhelming to Chapek.

Insiders consider Chapek mishandled Disney as a whole with his “happy-go-lucky” mentality. Nevertheless, Bob Chapek was highly recommended by Bob Iger. In fact, He was handpicked by Iger to take over the role as CEO.

Iger was looking forward to his retirement from Disney, which had been delayed for years. Eventually, Bob Iger retired in February 2020, with Bob Chapek taking over CEO duties at Disney. But Iger still had to oversee the transition, which lasted until December 2021. 11 months later, Iger was asked to return.

Bob Iger Brings Disney’s Theme Parks Magic Back

Bob Iger Rolls Back Price Hikes At Disney's Theme Parks

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Even though under Chapek’s leadership, Disney+ has exceeded expectations, other properties of Disney felt struggling, especially Disney theme parks.

Chapek has a reputation of cost-cutting and raising prices, which not a lot of people are happy about. Under his leadership, the surcharge to skip long lines was also introduced, which was a feature that was previously free. Disney fans showed their displeasure over Bob Chapek. Tweets and memes about Chapek being a greedy CEO went viral.

People even labelled Chapek as “Bob Paycheck.”

Finally, Bob Iger returned to his role as Disney CEO back on November 20, 2022. Although, this is not a long-term leadership role. As the returning CEO is only there for two years until Disney finds a new successor.

What do you think of this move for Disney to offer cheaper ticket prices on low-demand days? Do you think Bob Iger’s return to Disney made this move?


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