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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the number of living spaces was almost endless. However, which of the countless planets in Star Wars would be best to live on? We have seen quite a number of planets in Star Wars, but not all of them would be cool to settle down on. Avoiding the most obvious hellish landscapes like Hoth or Mustafar, there are still plenty of options to look at. If you’ve been involved in one of the many ongoing online debates about the real estate options in the Star Wars universe, then you may already have decided where you’d place your home. If not, let this list help make the decision for you.



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We get to see quite a lot of Naboo in the prequels, and it looks a bit good. Known as a planet of culture, we get to see wonderful landscapes and scenery that other planets can rarely match. It’s got a tough but kind queen and a bit of cultural flavour in the form of the Gungans. It might be a little overpriced, though, and trade blockades could be a factor. On the other hand, it’s also where the evilest villain in the universe was born and rose to power, so the reputation of Naboo might mean a drop in the value of your Naboo home.



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Two suns and lots of sand, Tatooine is probably best to avoid. The towns are filled with criminals, and the Tusken Raiders or the Jawas are as likely to kill you as steal your stuff. Don’t forget that the Hutt’s run their criminal organization from there too. Add it all up, and Tatooine is best to avoid, even if you do like the taste of freshly stolen hairy eggs.



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If you made the mistake of buying property on Alderaan, you weren’t paying attention to the politics of the day. It might have once been a planet of immense beauty, but it’s currently just atoms floating in space and the echoes of billions of people dying all at once. It’s not that you shouldn’t live on Alderaan; it’s more that it just doesn’t exist anymore. Star Wars specialist Matt Hudson in a conversation with Online Casino Betway, ranked Alderaan as 10/10 before the explosion and 0/10 post-explosion.



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If the idea of living in the Amazon jungle is appealing, then you might want to consider Dagobah. It’s an extremely remote swamp planet, so you won’t get many visitors, and those that you do get will tend to want something. Food doesn’t seem to be an issue, and even the smallest and greenest sentient beings should be able to build a decent home and catch enough food. Of course, Dagobah is closely linked to the dark side of The Force, so there’s a chance that you could turn evil if you live there too long. There’s also Dragonsnakes, which can absolutely ruin your day.

The best thing about living in the Star Wars universe is that even if you choose the obvious answer of Naboo, lightspeed travel means that you can easily get to another planet for a break. Of course, it might take longer to get to remote places like Dagobah, but you can always spend the travel time playing holo-games against a Wookie (just remember to let it win).

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