The Best Films With The Best Blackjack Scenes

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While Poker is mostly considered the seminal casino gaming adventure, there are more games that are equally amazing. Take, for instance, Blackjack which perfectly combines the components of skill and chance within an exciting and simple format.

There’s also something alluring about Blackjack that has made it to feature prominently in some blockbuster movies. Hollywood has often made use of Blackjack and other casino scenes to show the tension among characters and to also add a thrilling twist to the film.

Blackjack has remained a classic casino game for decades, with many film producers finding it suitable for casino scenes. Are you ready to explore the options? We have made a Blackjack films list highlighting some of the best movies with Blackjack scenes.

Licence to Kill

licence-to-kill blackjack movies film scenes

Credit: MGM

James Bond has premiered in several casino-themed movies but his appearance in License to Kill is quite an unusual one. His Blackjack skills in the film are admirable as he challenges the lead villain and casino owners to a high-stake Blackjack game.

The scenes ensuing this are tense as you await the outcome. In the process, he secures a staggering win of £250,000 in a stylishly shot scene that has remained one of the most memorable sequences in modern film history.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of Blackjack or not, you will fall in love with this film that has been around since 1989. The Blackjack scenes combined with suspense and an action-packed storyline make License to Kill one of the best films featuring Blackjack.

The Hangover

The Hangover Film

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The movie remains one of the best comedies released in the last decade. The cast stars Bradley Cooper (Phil), Ed Helms (Stu) and Zach Galifianakis (Alan) among other talented characters. In addition to excellent comedy, The Hangover depicts Las Vegas in its full glamour.

The film combines the elements of comedy and the game of Blackjack to bring you a film perfectly put together that makes you not want to look away even for a minute. The film is a clear indication that Blackjack scenes in movies don’t have to be always tense.

Alan travels to Las Vegas for a party alongside other friends, where they lose some money belonging to a gangster. The friends suggest playing Blackjack to recover the money. Alan says he can count cards using the knowledge he acquired from a book. Surprisingly, this works since when they eventually sit at the tables, Alan manages to beat other top players.

In real life, blackjack is as exciting as the movies portray it. The only difference is that blackjack players in movies always win, which is not true. That said, has a guide on the bests sites to play blackjack. The best part is that you could also get a bonus to play the game free of charge.



Credit: Miramax

The film, which was released in 1996, revolves around the lives of several unemployed, single actors in California during the swing revival in the 1990s. The plot majorly focuses on Mike Peters, a comedian struggling to make ends meet.

He goes to Los Angeles to see if he can be successful there. His girlfriend ends their relationship and to help him cope with the situation, they organize an impromptu visit to Las Vegas. While in Vegas, the friends are seen several times enjoying Blackjack.

One of the emblematic Blackjack scenes is where Mike Peters and Trent Walker are arguing whether to double down on 11 every time they get the chance. This is after a loss of $300 when the two double down expecting a win.

The scene is funny as well as embarrassing to watch. Another thrilling scene is where Walker’s father plays the lucky Blackjack gamer at the $100 minimum table, while Peters’ grandmother is the lucky gamer at the $5 minimum table.


21 gambling jim sturgess betting gambling blackjack films movies

Credit: Columbia Pictures

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Released in 2008, 21 came out just at the perfect time. Blackjack was pretty popular at the time, usually played as an online flash game. What’s more, the MIT blackjack team was trending after increased attention to their story.

With that in mind, 21 was inspired by the MIT Blackjack Team and features six MIT students trained in card counting. They later become experts in this, eventually taking millions in winnings from different casinos across Las Vegas.

The entire film is a captivating expose of ethics and morality at the Blackjack tables of Vegas. The scenes where Kevin Spacey (Micky Rosa) pursues a jackpot win are compelling. The scenes are among the most relatable in casino film history.

The Gambler


Credit: Paramount Pictures

The Gambler tells the story of an American Literature Professor and gambler whose irresponsible gambling behaviours lead him to huge debts. He takes a loan from a loan shark and borrows additional funds from his mother to enable him to fund his gambling activities.

The Professor portrays decent Blackjack skills in all the scenes he is shown playing the game. Regardless, he decided to bet all his money on Roulette with the promise to Lee and Frank that he would offset their debts with the man if he won.

Bennett manages to win and he leaves the money at the gambling den for Lee and Frank. While he’s out of debt, the gambler is still filled with problems since he is left with no extra money to run his daily life. But he is happy that he has cleared his debt.

The Gambler is very realistic in that it is a film many people can relate to in their casino gaming life. The film, which was released in 2014, depicts the consequences that irresponsible gambling can have on an individual’s life amusingly. It’s a crime drama movie worth watching.

Holy Rollers


Credit: Deerjen Films

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Should staunch Christians frown at casino gaming? Well, Ben Crawford and Colin Jones didn’t as they employed their conviction to win at casinos. Over a span of five years, a Blackjack team comprising of devoted Christians managed to win over 3 Million USD through card counting.

According to the team, they were trying to find an ideal place for God and faith in high stake gambling. Holy Rollers takes a fascinating look at young Christians who go on an un-Christian endeavour as they compete against other players in Blackjack.

They seem to use a simple card-counting technique that the viewers are convinced with observation. With their quick math skills and practice, they can beat other players at Blackjack. This review of the Holy Rollers movie explains more about their techniques and how they succeeded.


There is something compelling about good casino film scenes. You know it will either end with a huge win or will be a total disaster. The trickery, suspense and dramatic exchanges in most films featuring Blackjack create memorable film moments.

The stakes are usually very high in most instances and the characters risk taking or losing it all. Movies that depict Blackjack are always a hit, with the glitz and glamour portrayed attracting many people to casinos.

What do you make of this story? Which are your favourite films involving blackjack scenes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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