Ben Shapiro Mocked On Twitter For Getting The Ending To I Am Legend Wrong

Right-wing political commentator, Ben Shapiro, has been mocked on Twitter for getting the end of Will Smith’s movie I Am Legend wrong.

This is one of the amusing stories I’m going to write today, probably all week.

Ben Shapiro took to Twitter recently to make a bit of a joke about Donald Trump, or at least what he thought was a joke.

He claimed that Donald Trump would develop an anti-COVID serum using his own antibodies.

The funny thing is that he likened this scenario to the Will Smith movie I Am Legend.

This caused a lot of people to point out the fact that Will Smith’s character actually killed himself at the end of the movie.

Seems as though Ben hadn’t seen the whole movie or just forgot how it all ended.

Check out what some people said in response to Ben Shapiro’s I Am Legend/Donald Trump tweet below.

Ben Shapiro didn’t finish the Will Smith movie, I Am Legend

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I love this sort of stuff.

I love the fact that this has brought I Am Legend back into the public consciousness.

It’s one of my favourite Will Smith movies, and he’s made a lot that I really love.

I also love seeing someone like Ben Shapiro getting called out for his mistakes, especially when they’re pop culture-related.

Hopefully, if one good thing were to come out of this tweet it would be that more people go and watch or rewatch I Am Legend.

What do you make of this news?

Did you spot Ben Shapiro’s mistake when he made that joker about Donald Trump and I Am Legend?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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