Australian Online Gambling Regulations In 2022


The rules and regulations on online gambling such as poker and Betting in Australia are demonstrated in the Federal Register of Legislation under the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. The act prohibits gambling services from promoting to customers in Australia. The rules and regulations about online gambling are strict. Operating an online gambling site or any kind of activity through the Internet that includes risks and wagers is prohibited in Australia. It is legal to play at other online gambling sites which are not operated in Australia. You can find some info about RedDog casino which is really popular here.

In the year 2018 higher authorities of Australia introduced a consumer framework that helped consumers to register that interrupts the access to betting services online.

The rules for the year 2022 are almost the same. But for skill-based games like online poker seeking approval, it could be authorized in the future. Advertising and promoting any activity that includes risks Is illegal in Australia. 

Casino gaming, casino table games, and slots are also prohibited under the rules and regulations of the Interactive Gambling Act.

ACMA (Australian Communication and Media Authority) regulates online Gambling in Australia. It includes monitoring and implementing the regulation of Gambling on the Internet or the telephone. All states in Australia 

Have their own structure for regulating Gambling. But when it comes to Gambling through the Internet, it becomes a federal topic.

There are also changes made in this authority act from recent past years. Operators from Outside of the territory require a license. The authorities and gambling laws are strict for operators not for players. Each Australian state and territory separately regulate gambling activities. Operator license is also granted by state or territory. Social gaming with no prize does not require any license. Operator licenses could be issued to casinos for quick lotteries and keno.

Interactive Gambling Act 2001

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It is the federal-level authority that prohibits some interactive gambling activities like an online casino or gambling on the Internet. It also covers roulette, poker, online pokies, online slots, blackjack, and craps. Games of chance or combined with chance and skill that are played over the Internet are prohibited under this act. This act also makes restrictions on gambling advertisements to natives of Australia. Lotteries, lucky draws, and bettings on sports are still legal under this act. There are no changes in the act for the year 2022. There are two different parameters in these acts because Gambling through the Internet covers the whole scope that can affect territory level that is why it becomes a federal issue. At the Territory level, some online services related to Gambling got approval.

 In this year 2022 Online Bingo is regulated by the state territories. Regulators also gave approval to the Betting through the Internet. Online lotteries also got approved but there are some age restrictions.

Highlights of the Interactive Gambling Amendment Act of 2017

Reform Consequence
The register of licensed gambling service providers was published It became easier to find a reliable provider and avoid fraud
Many gambling services have been excluded from the Australian market Fraud and unfair competition reduced
New gambling regulations appeared It has become possible to keep more gambling establishments under control and protect the population both in and outside Australia

AU Online Gambling Laws

Australians have been attracted to gambling for a long time. Studies and surveys show that the broad majority of Australians gamble in some capacity. Australian online casino is one of the most popular activities there. Most of that takes place in retail venues. The question is how online gambling gets a place in AU. Many online gambling products are illegal under these gambling laws. In this year of 2022 Casinos, Bingo and Poker are illegal. But Sports betting, betting on horse races and lotteries have authorized legal status; these all are under the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 that clearly represents that Australian-based unauthorized interactive gambling services must not be provided to the customers in designated countries.

There are Online Gambling Regulators in Australia that are based on states and territories. AU online gambling laws restrict most forms of gaming in the country. Bingo, poker, and others. There are no Australian companies that can legally offer these services to locals. There are penalties for operating domestic online gambling and promoting it accordingly.

Authorized online sports betting is provided to multiple licensed and regulated runners. Of course, there are some restrictions in betting; in-play betting is not authorized yet.

 Gambling laws are conducted by the gambling authority in the province every region in Austria has a local authority section. Companies have access to licenses in more than one territory. The current laws only concern businesses, including outside ones. It is impossible to limit players on the eligibility for gambling online. The online gambling Australian laws leave players void for the reason they do not take risks and any legal trouble by playing online. Gambling sites are not regulated by an AU higher authority.

State Level

Every Australian state and territory is reasonable for regulating gambling and activities related to gamble.

New South Wales: Liquor and Gaming New South Wales and Independent Liquor authority are responsible for setting the scope limits of the casino liquor.

Australian Capital Territory: In the year 2019 Online poker was legislated in Australia with a decent amount of charges. Beyond the above additional legislation, charges are not reduced. Operators are seeking a reduction of charges in 2022. However, there is no legal body that oversees and regulates online gambling anywhere. Territory and state government responsible for making the policies for online gambling.

Victoria: The Commission for liquor and Gambling Regulations authority gives license for policy legislation and major approval.

Northern Territory: betting on sports and predictions online is offered by bookmarkers in the Northern Territory; it is no land-based sport in Australia.

Social gaming is not commonly authorized by gambling authorities but age classifications and other restrictions are implemented to games like these.

Skill games are basically competitive challenges with no element of probability. But in 2022 These will become illegal on online platforms and be regulated by State and Territory gambling authorities. Games like chance and skill like casinos there is less available research on how to minimize the harm that is why regulatory approvals are less interrogated for approval moreover in this year it emits that approval authorities will work on this to less negative impacts. If the games are not fully skill-based there will be relations to the laws of gaming.

South Australia: South Australia Consumer and Business services are online gambling regulators in South Australia. It is a division of the South Australia Department that provides a good range of services to protect consumers and regulate the business. In this year New legislative and regulatory requirements have recently come into effect as part of adequate gambling reforms of South Australia.

Northern Territory: Northern Territory Racing Commission provides the number of authorized entities. With northern territory hosting more online booking than all other states combined. Furthermore, some operators are licensed in multiple provinces.

Victoria: Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulations responsible for authorizing and compliance of gambling authority. The administration of Liquor, Gambling, and Racing major licensing is under this commission.

Queensland: The Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulations authorities gaming, liquor, and fair tradings also harm minimization programs for liquor and gambling industries. 

Federal Level

The Constitution of Australia provides the Federal Authority with powers to authorize, monitor, govern, with other things, internet communications, money, and State trades. Because the Federal Level has these authorities, the Federal government can regulate interactive gambling and consumer protection.

Australian Federal Government Laws restricted some activities such as online casinos and slot and poker systems on the internet. Online activities include risks and wagerings like live streams and sports events. An online wagering system without any Territory licensing is illegal.

  • ACMA: The Australian Communications and Media Authority is a free independent authority that deals with ensuring media and communications authorizing them and various standards and regulations. This authority has the responsibility under telecommunication acts. The authority has the responsibility to prohibit illegal activities and false information and spam.ACMA includes Communication infrastructure, corporate and research with legal services.
  • The Interactive Gambling Act 2001: under this act, it is illegal to provide interactive gambling activities till the year 2022. Online casinos, roulette, poker, craps, online draws, and other interactive activities that include risk on the internet are prohibited. This act provides Australian-based interactive gambling services to native customers. The Act is made to apply restrictions on the harmful effects of gambling on natives of Australia. It aims at the providers of interactive gambling. It is illegal to advertise interactive online gambling to Australian audiences. 
  • Prohibition is applied to all forms of media both electronic and non-electronic, offline or online advertising over the internet, services of broadcast, media printing, and hoardings. It is clear that the act is made for Australians not to carry interactive gambling advertisements, also there are some exceptions related to advertising.There are complaint sections also provided on the authority websites for the public that help to locate prohibited gambling activity or advertisements that occur on the internet people in Australia can complain about it in ACMA online complaint forms. Online sports betting laws are different in this category that requires that sports betting sites must be authorized and licensed within the country the betting in-play wagering is restricted.
  • National Licensing: Most online betting operators are licensed in the Northern Territory and it is a time-consuming approval process, there are a lot of hurdles to go for potential providers but it is advantageous for players. They have more confidence in risking their money knowing they are using an authorized gambling site. The Northern Territory investigates while authorizing the license. However, there is a general prohibition in all laws for conducting or operating online gambling. Spread betting and betting on products are authorized by corporations to be conducted legally.
  • Gambling policy: Australia has general restrictions on all activities related to gambling but some activities can be conducted under a license like wagering sports betting both in areas and internet, online lotteries, and electronic gaming machines but only in acquired areas. Land-based casino games, poker, and blackjack can be conducted under licensing. There are several conflicts related to economic returns. There is no specific regulation of betting in Australia. Exclusive and temporary licenses are granted to operators by the laws. These activities only can be conducted by paying a decent amount of charges under authority. Western Australia authorizes only the lottery to state-owned corporations, with the issuance of a separate exclusive license to the operator.
  • Offshore gambling: under the Interactive Gambling Act which prohibits the provision of interactive or online gambling services. In response to getting licensing for offshores is prohibited. The IGA makes a point on the supply of online gambling to residents of the country. Protection is also available under IGA where the conductor did not realize that their service has customer protection.


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Australian Online gambling regulations clearly prohibit activities related that include risks and wagers but many people and communities are demanding to authorize the gambling games like poker overall at the federal level because some casino games are not depending on chance or luck. Fully skill-based games should be authorized under the act of interactive gambling to enhance the laws and regulations because territories issue the license to operators at the huge amount of charges from the revenue. There are several conflicts that happened in past years related to this. In the year 2022, the gambling regulations are much related to the same based on changes of the year 2019.

There are States and territories that approve the licensing to operate online gambling.


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