Aquaman 2 Footage Hints At Amber Heard’s Mera’s Fate


As many sites reported on Amber Heard’s exit on Aquaman 2, however, recent footage from CinemaCon seems to hint at the Atlantean Queen, Mera’s fate. Coming to theatres this December 2oth, DC Studios’ Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is on the final leg of post-production, and they showed a trailer to a select audience at the convention.

DC Studios is taking this time to showcase its upcoming projects to stakeholders at the event. James Wan returns as director to the sequel of his first DC superhero franchise. Wan’s first movie Aquaman back in 2018, did very well at the box office. With a production budget amounting to $160M, it got a worldwide record of $1.14B during its time in the theatres.

Rotten Tomato reports that the movie starring Jason Momoa as the lead and Amber Heard co-starring as Mera had a slight contrast of opinion between critics and audiences.

Having the PG-13 Action/Adventure movie rating allowed it for a broader range of audiences around the world. The movie that screened for 2h 23m got 65% on the Tomatometer. A rating that is still classified as fresh. At the same time, Audience Score displays a higher 72% from more than 25,000 ratings.

Nearly a year ago, Heard went through a defamation trial against her ex-husband Jack Sparrow star Johnny Depp and lost big time. Even prior to the verdict, the trial led the public to know about private moments between the two celebrities. Heard’s side of the court showed a lot of inconsistencies, thus becoming an advantage for Depp’s team of lawyers.

Throughout this time, public opinion on who was telling the truth and who has not had a huge fraction of people blaming Heard. There were so many accusations that people even created an online petition to recast Mera with Emilia Clarke or, at the very least, call an immediate end to Heard’s portrayal of Mera.

Aquaman 2 gets Amber Heard to More Scenes before…

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An article from The Wrap talks about the released footage from Aquaman 2. Included in its description is the possibility that Mera may have actually died while giving birth to her and Arthur’s child. It described:

The teaser opens with Jason Momoa’s Arthur raising a baby, seemingly alone (does Mera perish in the sequel?) with his father on the surface world. We get huge action sequences, including underwater mass battle scenes, Aquaman battling an underwater sub and our hero knocking over a statue to make a bridge with a headbutt.

We see masses being (fatally?) attacked by a green infection while Arthur finally turns to his brother (Patrick Wilson) to help with taking on a rejuvenated Black Manta.

The scene showcased what Wan also stated, that the film is more likely a buddy movie between Arthur and Orm. The Wrap continued:

Arthur’s dad notes that the most heroic thing to do is to not give up, while the trailer ends with Wilson noting that if you lead, Atlantis will follow before Aquaman and Black Manta leap into the air at each other.

We do see a few shots of Mera in action, but lines about a mid-film tragedy that cost lives seem to imply that Aquaman becomes a widower at some point, but that’s speculation.

It’s still a jaw-droppingly gorgeous fantasy spectacle, with crisp, clear and colorful underwater photography showing that James Wan isn’t handing over the underwater franchise crown to James Cameron without a fight.

Aquaman 2 Could move forward without Amber Heard in the future


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Breaking this description down, there could be two ways in which Mera could actually die.

The first is during childbirth. Arthur’s son is prominently shown from the beginning of the trailer to be with his dad as well as his grandfather Tom Curry portrayed by Boba Fett actor Temuera Morrison. The absence of Mera during that scene already gives the feeling she died.

The second is during that great action sequence when Mera is shown to be using her powers. It may also be during the time when the “green infection” has already affected the series.

The two scenarios will be able to provide Heard with an exit point, to be honest. While there are a lot of positive reactions to her staying for the franchise as well as getting a longer screen time than expected, there are still people who don’t want to see more of her as a co-star to the movie.

If ever the new DC slate would continue with Momoa as the King of Atlantis, this upcoming movie would most likely be Amber Heard’s last in the franchise.

What do you make of the possibility that Aquaman 2 would seal Amber Heard’s Mera’s fate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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