Even Aquaman 2’s Director Is Fed Up With This Movie


The world of DC has been rife with drama, from internal studio conflicts to the challenges of promoting their upcoming films. Amidst this backdrop, Aquaman 2, titled Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, is set to release in a few months.

However, the promotional campaign from Warner Bros. for the film has been notably quiet. To add to the intrigue, it seems that even the film’s director, James Wan, might be feeling a sense of fatigue surrounding the project.

The Silent Promotion of Aquaman 2


Credit: DC Studios

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A Muted Campaign

Despite the imminent release of Aquaman 2, Warner Bros.’ promotional efforts for the film have been almost nonexistent. This lack of promotion is surprising, especially considering the success of the first Aquaman film, which grossed over a billion dollars globally. The absence of a significant promotional push has left many fans and industry insiders puzzled.

The Impact of External Factors

The SAG-AFTRA strike has undoubtedly impacted the promotion of many films, with actors and crew unable to promote work from struck companies like Warner Bros. Discovery. However, the absence of a trailer for Aquaman 2 with just three months to go before its December 20 release is particularly notable. For context, trailers for other major DC films, like 2013’s Man of Steel, were released almost a year before the film’s debut.

James Wan’s Apparent Frustration


Credit: DC Studios

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A Telling Social Media Interaction


A recent post from industry insider MyTimeToShineHello showcased two screenshots from James Wan’s Instagram account. The first screenshot highlighted Wan’s announcement that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom would be receiving a trailer soon, accompanied by a brief teaser. The second screenshot, however, captured a more telling interaction. In response to a fan’s frustrated comment about the teaser being essentially a “trailer for a trailer”, Wan replied with a candid, “Haha. I know, it’s hilarious.”

Reading Between the Lines

While Wan’s response might seem light-hearted on the surface, it hints at a deeper sentiment. It doesn’t necessarily indicate a lack of faith in the film he directed but perhaps a frustration with Warner Bros.’ approach to promoting the upcoming DC movie. The overall drama surrounding the end of the DCEU and the onset of James Gunn’s new DC cinematic universe might also be weighing on the director.

The Larger Picture for DC Studios


Credit: DC Studios

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A Series of Unfortunate Events

DC’s recent history has been marked by a series of challenges, from the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp trial affecting the perception of Aquaman 2 to the controversies surrounding Ezra Miller. These events, combined with the studio’s apparent lack of confidence in the Aquaman sequel, have dampened public enthusiasm for the film.

The Future of DC’s Cinematic Endeavours

With the upcoming DC Studios movie representing a significant chapter in DC’s cinematic journey, its success or failure could have broader implications for the studio. The film’s performance might influence future projects, the direction of the DC cinematic universe, and the studio’s approach to handling its major franchises.

Final Thoughts on Aquaman 2 and James Wan being a bit tired of the whole process

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The journey to the release of Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom has been anything but smooth. From external challenges to internal studio dynamics, the film has faced its fair share of hurdles. The movie’s director’s recent social media interactions only add another layer to the unfolding narrative. As the release date approaches, fans and industry watchers alike will be keenly observing how the film is received and what it means for the future of DC Studios.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom when it’s finally released? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom will be released in cinemas on December 20th, 2023.

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